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Various Websites that may be of interest:

  • None of these sites or videos endorse our dojo, and we get no profit from them. We're just sharing them because they are very informational or fun.

The Coto Academy has a nice website that displays basic Japanese words and their English meanings.

Great video of the first karate kata you learn. Taigyoku Shodan

Great Youtube Video discussing the color belt system in America (and the term Sensei)

Basic Blocks are reviewed in this video. The names are slightly different, but the concepts are on spot.

Fun online hang-man styled game I created using martial arts words: (Karate, Sensei, Dojo, migi, hidari, ura, shomen, hai, iie, arigato, rei, stances, blocks, kicks, strikes, kiai)

Round House Kick video from Youtube. This video has a great demonstration of how the knee loads to the side, balance is rotated on the base foot, and stance is righted to forward after the kick. I recommend aiming for the knee to stomach area.