Below are some basic frequently asked questions that you may have

  • Where do you meet? Karate meets in Greene County, VA (Stanardsville). Our location changes, so please contact us for most recent location. We meet Saturday mornings from 11am-noon. Please arrive early if new, to fill out registrations.

  • Do we require contracts? No.

  • When can I join? Anytime.

  • Do I need a uniform? No, not unless you are planning on eventually testing for rank. We sell white uniforms for $20. You can wear your own, provided NO ADVERTISEMENTS or patches. Uniforms must be white.

  • Why so cheap? Because this isn't a business to us, it's a passion. You want to pay more? We accept tips. Or donate to the cat shelter.

  • What will you do when it rains? During the summer - Like they did in ancient Japan - we'll get out in the mud and train. You will get wet. You will get dirty. You will learn karate. During the winter, try to secure an indoor location.

  • What style of karate is taught? Generally, it is Kaju Kenpo based (karate/judo/jujitsu mix) , with influences from Shito Ryu and Tango Soo Do.

  • Testing for Belts: We're not a belt factory. I wonder how many kids have color rank at other dojos because they are stuck in a $$$ program rather than because they stuck with karate. Here, we focus more on teaching/learning solid fundamentals, not how fast you can get to black belt. My instructors taught me to love the art, and how it made me feel, not focus on what color my belt was. Rank advancement is free (that's also not a typo). You put the hard work into learning what we teach, we will reward you with advancement. Belt color, however, should NOT be the primary reason for seeking instruction in martial arts.

  • Age limits? ages 6-adult can join. Currently, we have younger kids and no adults. If we get enough adults joining that wish "adult classes", we will create that.

  • A little about the instructor? Early in life, training was provided in the Chinese art of Kung Fu by Masters Kan and Po. Later, as a teen in high school, after relocating with his mother across the country, our instructor soon found himself the target of local bullies. A visit to the local karate school revealed that not only was the cost too much, but the bullies actually trained there. One night, while being bullied, the instructor was saved and befriended by a martial arts master who eventually offered training in traditional karate-do. This lead to building confidence, laying the foundations for future successes, and a 1st place finish in the All Valley Karate Tournament that year.

  • I saw other schools do birthday parties. Do you? No. This is a dojo, not a Chuck E Cheese.

  • What did I miss? Email me with your questions - we can add them to this list. GreeneDragonDojo@gmail.com