Greendot login- Do your daily banking with Green Dot

Have you been wondering about creating a new Green Dot account but due to lack of knowledge you couldn't do so? If this is the case, then we assure you to walk you through the complete process to set up a new account along with the Greendot login method. Going back to its history, Green Dot is one such financial service provider that allows you to improve your credit score and helps you whenever you need financial assistance.

If you enroll yourself with Green Dot banking facilities, you will eventually be able to get your hands on the unlimited cash back bank account. Moreover, you also become eligible to use the cash back Visa Debit Card wherever you want. With this card, you can enjoy cash back of up to 3% whenever you buy things online or with any shopping app. After knowing all of this, let us know some of the advantages of using a Green Dot cash back bank account.

Greendot login - Features and Benefits

  • As soon as you sign up for Green Dot account, you immediately get a cash back offer for up to $50 which you can use later on for making purchases through your card

  • If you are an eligible customer and qualify for offers, then you may enjoy up to 3% of cash back by using its in-app services such as Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, GrubHub, Wish, Etsy, etc.

  • If you have applied for and got your Green Dot Cash Back Visa Card, then you can use it at any store where other Visa cards are accepted. Moreover, you can use it at ATMs to withdraw cash from your account

  • Also, there are different Greendot login accounts you can apply for which also comes with several benefits e.g. Green Dot High-Yield Savings Account

  • If you enroll yourself in its ASAP Direct Deposit service, then you are sure to get paid 2 days earlier than other employees

  • Apart from this, you do not need to maintain any minimum balance in your account

How to set up an account on Green Dot?

If you are interested in seeking all these services offered by Green Dot, then you should follow the instructions that are listed below:

  1. For greendot login or sign up, go to

  2. At the top-right of the page, click "Open an account"

  3. Provide your email address and prove that you are not a robot

  4. Click the "Get Started" button

  5. Enter your first name, last name, and click "Continue"

  6. Then, provide your complete address

  7. Give your consent for the given terms and click "Continue"

  8. Then, provide your date of birth and SSN details

  9. Click "Submit" and then you need to verify your phone number

  10. That's how you sign up and get your greendot login details

How do you log in to the Green Dot Cash Back account?

To sign up and log in to your Green Dot account, you can follow the easy steps that are mentioned below:

  1. From a browser on your PC, go to

  2. Here, you can enter your User ID and Password details

  3. Tick the box for letting the PC remember your User ID

  4. After this, review the fed greendot login details

  5. Click on the "LOGIN" button at the right

How do I recover my Green Dot account?

If you have lost access to your Green Dot account and you want to log in to it, then the only way out of this problem is to get your account credentials to reset:

  1. Go to the online GreenDot login page

  2. Here, tap on the "Forgot User ID/Password?" option

  3. Choose one of the account recovery options

  4. Click the "Continue" button

  5. Enter the information that is asked on the following page

  6. Again, click "Continue" and set a new greendot login password

How to get a new Green Dot Card?

Basically, there are two ways through which you can get your Green Dot card. The first and best way to get your card is through the Green Dot online website. Or, you can also get the card by visiting a participating retailer store. Once you get your card, one thing that you need to do is register and then activate your card through the greendot login portal. If you do not know how to activate your Green Dot card, then you can follow the steps that are listed in the next section.

Activating Unlimited Cash Back Visa Debit Card

Please keep your card handy before following this procedure. Here are the online steps that you can follow:

  1. Go to the official website of Green Dot

  2. Now, scroll down on the page

  3. And, click “Already Have a New Card in Hand? Register it here”

  4. On this page, you need to enter the 16-digit card number

  5. Also, add the expiration date and CVV

  6. After entering these details, click on the "Next" button


As it is clear from this post, the complete greendot login and sign-up processes are pretty simple. However, if you come across any login issues during your journey, then you can apply some short tricks to get these issues fixed. To get rid of these issues, you can check the login credentials for correctness, clear your device's cache, reset your password, and use another browser.