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Aloe vera, superfood or nonsense?

What about the aloe vera? This product has long been seen as extremely healthy, a kind of superfood. All kinds of attributes are attributed to cancer and the like. What is true then? Maybe all 'ordinary' vegetables that you can buy in the supermarket are just as healthy.


Aloe vera can be found around the Mediterranean Sea, and in other warm climates that resemble this place, such as Indonesia and the Netherlands Antilles. Originally he would come from the Arabian Peninsula. It is the gel of the leaves that has been used for a long time, and which can be bought everywhere in health food stores. This is processed in all kinds of products, to eat or drink, but also in skin products and shampoos. There are even people who lubricate the aloe vera gel purely on their skin to prevent irregularities or dryness.

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What's in aloe vera?

In the aloe vera gel, besides water, there are twenty kinds of minerals, twelve different vitamins, eighteen amino acids and two hundred active plant compounds, for example enzymes and polysaccharides. If you read this way, the plant seems to be full with all kinds of substances, all of which are in some way healthy. But, does not this really apply to every type of fruit and vegetables? Are aloe vera fabrics better, more diverse, or more?

Benefits that aloe vera would yield

The aloe vera would mainly help against intestinal and skin complaints, such as dandruff and psoriasis. It is said that the plant has a laxative effect and can therefore help with digestion and constipation. The plant also helps against diabetes, increased cholesterol, muscle and joint pain and cancer. The pure gel would be very good for the skin. This can be used on wounds, because it is antiseptic, protects against bacteria. This way the aloe vera can stop inflammation. In the same way, it has an effect on the skin that is affected by acne.

Green Dietary Supplement
Green Dietary Supplements

Superfood so?

The above properties of the plant have indeed been proven by science. Now this does not mean that you are immediately cured of cancer, if you get enough aloe vera, but that the plant can make a difference. However, this is only the case if you use fresh and unprocessed aloe vera. If a product contains aloe vera, it is usually not enough to really change anything. Aloe vera can therefore be seen as superfood, in contrast to many other 'superfoods' , because its medicinal properties have been scientifically proven. But do not step into the lies of marketing, that certain products contain aloe vera and that's why you have to buy them. Only pure aloe vera can do something for you.