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Greece may be a rather small country but it definitely manages to stand out. This rather tiny country in the southernmost end of Europe is known all over the world for its sunny and warm summers, its amazingly beautiful beaches with crystal clear azure waters and of course, its rich culture and history. Greece is also known for being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the world in general. As you can probably tell, this is because despite its small size, it has something to offer to all the people that visit it. In other words, no matter what your holiday style may be, Greece has probably got you covered.

This small country may have a lot to offer, but not all of it is “easy to find”. What we mean by that is that it takes some knowledge and research in order to find the perfect Greek vacation for you. Greece may have something for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that they will find it all in one place. Some destinations are more beautiful than others, some others have way more cultural events and sights to offer to their visitors, some are known for their cuisine, there are also destinations within Greece that are known for their vibrant night-life and “party atmosphere” while others are ideal for family vacations and people looking to relax for a few days and escape their busy life in their cities. How does one choose which places to visit and where to stay though?

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It goes without saying that vacation time is priceless. It is the time that we get to relax and “recharge our batteries” before heading back to the exhausting routine of everyday life and work. This is why it is very important for everything to be perfect during the few days or weeks off that we get each year. This is why vacations need to be planned to some degree and not decided on the fly on the last minute. When it comes to a country with a wide variety of popular destinations, such as Greece, there are two options available to the people that want to vacation there: the first is the old-fashioned one i.e. research on the internet and other sources in order to make a unique plan that one will have to hope will live up to his or her hopes and expectations. The other option is to simply book a vacation through a travel agency.

A travel agency will present you with plans created by professionals, allowing you to pick the one that seems to be closer to your holiday style. In other words, it is a quick and easy way to find a holiday package, without having to spend hours doing research and dealing with hotels and travel arrangements. When it comes to travel agencies for vacations in Greece, Kivotos of Aegean travel is definitely the best.

Why choose Kivotos of Aegean travel?

What sets apart Kivotos of Aegean travel from other travel agencies in Greece is first and foremost their “pedigree”. The agency has been around for 20 years and they have helped thousands of people from all over the world have the vacation of a lifetime in Greece, which is why they bear Trip Advisor’s certificate of excellence . Unlike other agencies in Greece that are more focused on the local market, Kivotos of Aegean travel is all about helping people who haven’t visited this unique and beautiful country before make the most of their time there.

Another thing that makes Kivotos of Aegean travel stand out from the competition is its staff. The company is staffed by very experienced travel agents that have planned literally thousands of trips to the Greek islands and other destinations within the country. Their mission is to plan the perfect trip and vacation for each and every client, based on his or her holiday style. Most of the people on the company’s staff have been in the tourism industry for many years, which means that they definitely know what they are doing.

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Individually planed trips and tours

Most travel agencies just offer pre-made travel packages to their clients and they get to choose the one that better agrees with their tastes and holiday style. This means that one will very rarely find the PERFECT vacation for him or her while picking from pre-made packages, some compromises – hopefully small – will have to be made. Kivotos of Aegean travel is all about offering their clients the perfect vacations which is why they don’t just offer pre-made packages.

The people at Kivotos of Aegean travel will hear your likes and dislikes when it comes to vacation as well as the things you are looking for in your ideal summer vacation and they will find the PERFECT destination for you. There is nothing that they hate more that seeing their clients having to compromise which is why the people at Kivotos are all about unique and individually planned trips and holidays. They know Greece like the back of their hand and they can find the absolute best solution for every client, no-matter what his or her holiday style may be.

Furthermore, they won’t just stop at picking the right destinations for each client, they will also make sure that their vacation will fit their lifestyle and their dreams. If you desire a luxurious vacation in a relaxing environment, away from tourists and the like, they will make sure that your dream will come true. It goes without saying that all of their individually planned packages are always conceived with the client’s budget in mind.

24/7 service

When it comes to most travel agencies, their relationship with their clients usually ends when they leave for their vacation. That’s not true when it comes to Kivotos of Aegean travel. The people at Kivotos are always there for their clients. They provide support around the clock and they are ready to help with every matter that may pop up, from answering questions about Greece or the trips that they have planned for their clients, to making last minute changes and handling complaints. No matter what you will need, the Kivotos of Aegean travel agency will always be there to help you, because to them, vacations are nothing short of sacred and should always be as perfect as possible.


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