• Clean up of fallen leaves
  • Trimming of small bushes and trees
  • Removal of leaves and debris from flower beds, rock beds and lawn
  • Debris picked up
  • Includes a Lawn mowing for final cleanup

This is normally performed after all of the leaves are down - late October or early November.


Begins around the 16th of September with aeration and fertilization. It is the beginning steps to prepare the yard for the winter.

Sprinkler Turn Off - We begin sprinkler turn off the beginning of October.

We bring a large compressor and blow out each zone to winterize the system to prevent freeze damage.

  • If your system is not winterized correctly, the pressure vacuum breaker could rupture over the winter.
  • Repairs for the breaker can be anywhere from $55 and up depending on the damage.
  • When it is damaged, water can shoot up in the air and on the side of your house. If you are not home, this has been known to flood basements and wash away landscaping.

The cost is minimal to winterize your system in comparison to the possible damage it could cause if it breaks.

We provide great rates for all of our services!

And we guarantee all our services!

If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, let us know and we will come back and make it right!

What is Aeration?

Aeration is performed with a weighted machine. This machine will insert spikes into the ground and pull out a plug. This increases the circulation to the roots, which is key to a healthy lawn. Here in Colorado the ground is always changing because of weather and the seasons! By providing proper nutrition and circulation to your lawn, you end up with a GREAT looking and healthy lawn!

We use Core Aeration. It is important to prepare your yard before aerating or you will not get a good plug! We ask you to water the night before so the yard is moist and will allow the spikes to get a great plug in the yard. Last thing we ask of you is to mark all of your center sprinkler heads (if any) so we do not damage them with our aerator.


    • Mowing your property with a 21-inch Professional Toro Mower
      • We mow in different directions every week to prevent ruts from developing in your yard
    • Clippings will be bagged
      • GRLC provides the bags and will leave them on your property for proper disposal
        • Or ask us what we would charge to dispose of them for you!
    • String Trimming around the house, deck, trees and other obstacles in the yard
    • Edging around the driveway and sidewalks once a month
    • Blowing off the sidewalk, street and driveway once all other work has been completed


  • Small tree and shrub trimming
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Removal of dead leaves and debris from rock beds and yard

If you have debris piles that need to be taken to the landfill, please ask us for an estimate to handle that.


    • Small tree and shrub removal and planting
    • Mulch
    • Rocks
    • Planting flowers

Do you have an idea of what you would like? Contact us to discuss your thoughts and we will let you know if we are able to do it, or if we need to provide you a reference to our partner company.


Spring time begins the middle of March with spring clean-ups (see above) and small tree and shrub trimming. On April 1st we begin our spring aeration and fertilization.

The next step would be the weekly lawn care service, sprinkler turn-on and sprinkler repair which begins the 3rd week in April (based on the weather).

For sprinkler repair we will come out, assess the problem, give you an estimate, and schedule a date to have the repair completed. All of our work is guaranteed for one (1) year (parts and labor); and we use only commercial grade parts.


AERATION - This is a process where we use a machine to pull plugs out of your yard to increase circulation to the roots of the grass. The depth of the plug depends on the moisture in your yard. If your yard is nice and moist, the machine tines will sink deeper giving you a deeper plug.

  • Mark center sprinkler heads so we do not hit them with the aerator. Any sprinkler repairs caused from the lack of marking heads will not be the responsibility of Great Rate Lawn Care.

FERTILIZATION - We use more of a natural product for fertilization. In the spring it is a spring time stimulant to give the grass the nutrients it needs to start growing again. Mid-summer we reapply to help with the heat of the summer. Then beginning mid-September we apply a winter fertilizer that has time released agents to give your yard nutrients in the beginning of the winter when it is cold.

SPRING CLEAN UP (see above)

SPRINKLER TURN ON - This includes activating the sprinkler system and running through each zone to make sure it is working properly. We will adjust all sprinkler heads so they are watering the yard and not the sidewalks and fence. We will set your sprinkler clock according to watering days and length that you wish.

SPRINKLER REPAIR - We repair and replace pressure vacuum breakers. We adjust, repair and replace sprinkler heads. We fix drip systems and add to them as needed. We repair leaks, fix sprinkler timers, repair and replace valves. We use all commercial grade parts and guarantee all of our work for one (1) year.


Many of you have asked us if we provide this service. The answer is no - but please make sure to read this important information as to why not.

There are 3 main grass types throughout the metro Denver area: Rye grass, Fescue grass, and Blue grass. All three are considered "cool season turf type" grasses. A power rake damages the crown of the grass blades by tearing at them, thus causing unnecessary stress to the grass.

Instead, we recommend your first mowing of the spring should be to a 2" to 2.5" level. It will get rid of most of the dead grass from the fall and winter. If the grass is heavily matted down, use a leaf rake to gently rake prior to your first mowing.

Next, be sure to aerate and fertilize your lawn, water it according to your cities guidelines, and mow it once a week.

Now, sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn all summer!