February 11-12, 2021 - A Virtual Conference

The Gallup Mobility Hub

Innovation to Drive Autonomous in New Mexico

A two-day economic roundtable to introduce the Gallup Mobility Hub and accelerate the rise of the City of Gallup and the state of New Mexico as national hubs for autonomous and mobility.

Introduction to the NM Mobility Strategy and the Gallup Mobility Hub
Creating the Gallup Mobility Hub and

The goal of this event is to create a collaborative framework
to bring about the successful creation of Gallup Mobility Hub

By advancing New Mexico’s mobility strategy, the State’s goal is to support the industry to bring practical and safe mobility solutions to its communities. Creating the opportunity for investment attraction and economic development. A core assumption for this project is that the pace of change and growth in the mobility sector will create significant new research and development, production and supply chain investment opportunities and that an integrated strategy can establish a "mobility hub" in Gallup in partnership with the state of NM.
The "Mobility Industry" refers to the development of autonomous vehicles - vehicles that can sense and navigate (steer, accelerate and brake) without human input.

A Greater Gallup Economic Development Corporation Event