Architecture Change Requests

Spring is coming! It is a great time to plan out your upcoming home projects! Please remember to submit an architectural request for any change, addition or improvement to the exterior of your home or lot.

What needs to be approved?

Any project visible from the outside of your home like:

  • Swimming pool
  • Deck, Patio, Pergola...
  • Repainting of the home
  • Large landscaping change

See the full list in our Design Guidelines.

What's the Process?

  1. Gather all the elements about your project (blueprints, drawings, pictures, color samples...)
  2. Fill in the Form here.
  3. Once submitted, CASI, our management company starts the review process with the Architecture Review Committee members.
  4. Once the majority is reached, the requestor is informed by CASI.
  5. In case the project is denied, the requestor can escalate to the HOA Board. The Board decision will be final.

For Bluffs Residents

Bluffs residents need to have their projects approved by the Bluffs' Architecture Control Committee. For that, use the form here.

When to request an approval?

The commitment from the ARC is to review projects and provide a decision within 30 days (though the average approval time is about 15 days). Approval time is typically dependent on the project complexity, the completeness of the information provided and the availability of the ARC members. Plan in advance, so you have time to receive approval before your contractor starts the work.