Grat(itude) Partners

What's this all about?

At Grat Partners we find you a gratitude partner to share 3 things you're grateful for, daily, via WhatsApp or Messenger. Sign-up via the form, above.

It's a "less than 5 minutes a day" activity scientifically* designed towards infusing your life with positivity thereby supporting an expansion vs. contraction mindset.

*The science behind this comes from experiments with gratitude performed by Martin Seligman and others. See further details via Harvard Health, here:

There is NO other app/downloads involved with the Grat Partners experience. Only a sign-up form. See above.

Our vision is to have everyone on the planet in the habit of sharing "3 things they're grateful for" with a gratitude partner outside of their existing social network and ideally from another country.

So far we've facilitated gratitude partnerships between folks from the following countries: the UK, Australia, India, Netherlands, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA.

What might a "3 things you're grateful for" message with your Grat Partner look like? See the WhatsApp screenshot image below.

To sign-up for a gratitude partner/buddy, please complete the form, above.

Feedback from the Grat Partner community:

What does a daily gratitude exchange look like? This ??!

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