The Quest
Graph Value

5 articles, 5 conversations, 1 paper

Welcome to our Quest for Graph Value. Sometimes we refer to this as journey to a promised land, the land of Graphalue - a mythical voyage full of miracles and wonders :) ...

With this microsite, we - your humble hosts, Stefan Wendin and Rik Van Bruggen - are attempting to structure, document and publish our thoughts around one of the most interesting topics in the Graph Data industry: VALUE. In a set of articles, podcasts and - hopefully - discussions, we aim to move our industry forward - and nudge the adoption of this wonderful technology forward, into ubiquity.

This site will be hosting a number of articles, podcasts episodes, and other potential material. We will publish the material on a weekly basis, starting in the week of October 15th, 2021.


Part 1:

Why the Quest

(October 13th, 2021)


Part 2:

The Map to
Graph Value

(October 20th, 2021)

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