So how do you pick which agency to apply to? We'll be releasing a podcast on with advice on how to pick, but in the meantime here are some tips and resources to get you started.

What types of agencies are there?

You can split up types of agencies in three basic ways:

    1. Creative, PR or Media - are they making the ads, creating buzz through non-paid media, or planning and buying the spaces where the ads live?
    2. Specialist or integrated - do they focus on one particular channel or specialism, or do they do all of them under the same roof?
    3. Independent or network - do they operate as a seperate entity, or are they part of a bigger network?

How do I find agencies?

Campaign has a list of the top creative agencies here - you can then search for their websites.

The IPA's AdMission site also has a great list of agencies, plus some information on which are running grad schemes. You can access this here.

Which one?

Our next podcast will share some tips on this, and also have a read of this article by Kevin Chesters.