A day in the life

One grad shares their experience of a typical day...

A grad’s job changes day to day – you are always on your toes! At a base level, your job is to support the rest of your team within their separate accounts, which means you will be jumping in and out of lots of small and big projects. Without you, the day to day running of the office and meetings simply could not run smoothly – you are the organiser and paranoid checker of small details that more senior colleagues don’t have the time to scrutinize. This means making sure everyone is in the right place at the right time, with everything they need… even if they don’t know what they need themselves!

The first hurdle is learning the lingo – you need to be email-savvy to be able to liaise between clients and more senior team members. This is something that can’t be taught, and practice makes perfect. Once you are proficient in this, a big part of your day will managing the back and forth between creatives and clients to make sure everyone is happy with the work (after a little persuasion along the way!)

Client meetings are a big part of the week. In these, your job is often to record any decisions made and relay them to the rest of your team/ clients afterwards. Although you will have been used to being vocal in school classes or uni seminars, your job now is to be a sponge – to take what is going on around you and listen to every detail.

The rumours are true. You will be doing a lot of the jobs that no one else wants to – from lengthy research tasks, to formatting presentations for colleagues, and of course, you will spend a fair amount of time loitering around the printer. However, you will also be in charge personal of projects, such as keeping up with and sending around competitor activities and news and staying on top of trends and innovation. As the youngest member of the team, you are best placed to have your eye out for anything new and thought-provoking. You will also be involved with production of work from start to finish, meaning you have the satisfaction of seeing great work go out, knowing you played a key role in making it happen.