Do I need a certain degree?

No. Grad schemes are generally open to any degree (and increasingly, no degree at all) – in fact agencies are often looking for new perspectives so something a bit different is no bad thing. The only real exception is the creative department which tend to look for you having a certain experience / course, but generally recruits for this come in via placements rather than grad schemes anyway.

If I don’t get get an application accepted does this mean it’s not the right industry for me?

Absolutely not. Agencies and the people marking your application are super busy (and getting through a lot of applications). With so many to pick from, it might be something small and subjective that nudges you into the no pile, so don’t take it to heart – keep trying.

If my grad scheme says it is for account management, does that mean I’ll stay in account management?

No, not necessarily. As account management is a very varied job that touches a lot of departments, it’s a great starter for those who might eventually move into other roles. Generally those who do move tend to shimmy into planning or project management (aka creative production) rather than creative.


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