Grace Melo

Contact Information

Doctoral Research Assistant

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

University of Georgia

207 Conner Hall, Athens, GA, 30602

(706) 201-5198

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I am a research assistant in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Georgia, where I have served as a teaching assistant for two years and mentored first-year undergraduate students through the Mentoring Among Peers Program. I also provide tutoring support at the Division Academic Enhancement.

My research combines applied economics and food policy. Some of the areas in which I have been conducted research include migration policy, bio-fuels, labeling policy, food and nutrition assistance programs, and non-market valuation.

Main research interests

Experimental Economics, Food Policy Analysis, and Agribusiness.

Current research

Consumer Behavior


My interest in economics started when I was invited in 2010 to do an internship and take classes for one semester in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department at the University of Georgia. This experience allowed me to understand that I can explore different topics and address global issues using economic theory and econometric modeling. Because I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science with emphasis in agriculture, my first research projects as a graduate student were related to agricultural labor. I conducted research on Hispanic labor in the U.S. and rural labor in China. As a doctoral research assistant, I conducted research on topics related to environmental and resource economics including non-market valuation of ground water and biodiversity conservation. My doctoral research project is related to the impact of shelf nutrition labels on consumers’ food choices.