Graceful Transitions

Nurturing Your Soul and Guiding You Through A Transitional Journey With Dignity and Grace. 

End of Life Care Doula Services

A Graceful Transition

Nurturing Your Soul Through Life's Final Journey

Basic Package

This package might include an initial consultation to discuss the client's needs and preferences, one or two follow-up meetings to create a plan and ensure that the client's needs are being met, and assistance with end-of-life planning, such as advance directives and funeral arrangements.

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Comfort Package

This package might include all of the services in the Basic Package, plus additional emotional and spiritual support, assistance with life review and legacy projects, and vigil planning.

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Comprehensive Package

This package might include all of the services in the Comfort Package, plus additional support during the dying process, such as assistance with pain management and symptom relief, end-of-life care education, and advocacy with medical professionals.

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Legacy Package

This package might include all of the services in the Comprehensive Package, plus additional support for creating a lasting legacy, such as assistance with legacy projects, memorial services, ancestral healing and grief support for loved ones after the death.

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At Graceful Transitions, our goal is to make your transition as smooth and as peaceful as possible. I create a space for comfort and spiritual healing so your spiritual transition is comfortable and easy, while also providing support for family members. While times like these may be hard, I will be there to provide emotional support assist in anyway that I can that can be helpful to the family by taking the hard planning off of you and/or the family. Graceful Transitions has what you need to help things move along smoothly.

We believe that the spirit never truly dies, it only transforms, so therefore your transition will be just as the name implies, "Graceful" instead of dying you are simply on your way home so this is your home-going.

I am here to help people honor their own truth, to trust themselves, and to have a good transition in their own way.