2024 GPFL Presidential Primary Kickoff - July 6th

The Green Party of Florida cordially invites all registered Greens and/or GPFL Active Members in Florida to vote in our Presidential Primary. The results will inform our delegates how to vote at the GPUS virtual Nominating Convention August 15-18.

This is your chance to be a part of a historic event that champions democracy and grassroots values. Unlike those other parties awash in corporate and dark money, we rely on the passion and commitment of individuals like you. Your participation is crucial in amplifying our voice to advocate for a sustainable, just, and democratic future. We look forward to working with our fellow Greens to promote the GP presidential nominee in the general election. Let’s work together to create a brighter, more equitable future for People, Planet and Peace and show that a people-powered movement can make a difference! Don't miss this opportunity to make your voice heard!

The voting period for the GPFL's 2024 US Presidential Primary begins on the first day of our Annual Membership Meeting (AMM), July 6, and continues for three weeks after the AMM, ending Saturday July 27 at 11:59 PM. See below for the six candidates.


Anyone registered to vote in Florida as a Green Party member whose registration can be verified through state of Florida records, as well as GPFL Active Members. GPFL Active Members will automatically receive a code to vote. All others must fill out a Presidential Primary Voter Registration Form/Ballot Request to receive the code required to vote.

2024 GPFL Annual Membership Meeting - July 7th

On this day, we elect Officers, fill Committee seats, and handle other party business. We need new people joining our efforts to promote our ideals. There is a lot that goes into running a political party! It's a rewarding journey volunteering with fellow Greens, learning about civics, organization, and decision-making among a diverse group, while knowing you're contributing to the party that embodies the best ideas for governance! 

There are many seats open on GPUS Committees specifically for GPFL Members, GPFL Board and Committee seats up for grabs, we have eight openings for Delegates to the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention, and we need 30 State Electors. Please nominate yourself or others, here. Tech-savvy? Got youth on your side? Got an energetic passion for social justice, ecological issues, working toward peace or a truer form of democracy? The Green Party needs you! Please consider how you can contribute.

RSVP to attend our AMM here.

2024 Green Party US Presidential Primary Candidates

Other Forums:

Green Party of NJ State & Presidential Nominating Convention with:

Randy Toler

Jasmine Sherman

Jorge Zavala


Kansas Green Party Presidential Primary Forum with:




and Adam Hollick;

Green Party of New York Presidential Candidate Forum with:



and Jason Call (on behalf of Jill)

LIVE: 2024 Presidential Debate for Third-Party or Independent Candidates with:

Jill Stein--Green Party

Chase Oliver—Libertarian Party 

Lars Mapstead—Libertarian Party 

Jasmine Sherman—Unicorn Party[/Green Party]

Claudia De La Cruz—Socialist Party