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Monthly Must Reads

ABT's Ballet Dictionary

Here is a link to American Ballet Theatre's Ballet Dictionary. Though this dictionary is not complete; it is a comprehensive resource for all dancers to review to gain knowledge and expertise in your ballet vocabulary.

Cool feature! One terrific feature about this online dictionary is that it has audio for how to pronounce the terms properly with a lovely French accent

Eat Right, Dance Right

From Pointe Magazine:

Dancers rely on their bodies, which is why giving them proper nourishment is so important. Enter Marie Elena Scioscia, a registered dietitian with an extensive background treating dancers. Her new book, Eat Right Dance Right, is a practical, easy-to-use guide on how to fuel your body for the rigors of a dance career. Scioscia explains how metabolism and calories work, breaks down the building blocks of a nutritious diet, dispels diet myths, and offers grocery shopping tips and sample menus. A great educational tool, Eat Right Dance Right will help you create healthy eating habits for stronger performance. Available in paperback.

Where to buy:

Click the link below for even more must-read ballet books