About Michelle

Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Zeus

This is a photo of me and Zeus, my mini dachshund, who I tend to brag about a lot.

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I was raised in California's Silicon Valley by my mother, an artistic woman with a passionate voice, and my father, a man with a love for reading who became a research chemist. My parents are both first generation Americans. In 1959, my father left his family in New Jersey to drive across the country to California and pursue his dream of being the first in his family to attend college. At this time, tuition for California's community colleges was free for residents. He began his journey at Porterville Community College and eventually earned his Ph.D. with the support of my mother. This story inspires me to support public higher education and the needs of diverse learners. Risk-taking, creativity, and innovation were part of my back-drop growing up in Silicon Valley. I connected these values in graduate school, by studying the history of art and photography.

I have served a variety of teaching-related roles in California higher education, including 7 years as a full-time faculty member at Sierra College; 4 years as a part-time faculty member at Mt. San Jacinto; 7 years with @ONE providing online professional development for faculty in California's community college system, and I have been Innovations Lead for Teaching & Learning Innovations at CSU Channel Islands since 2014, where I have also taught Digital Citizenship and Advanced Teaching with Technology. My latest projects are hosting the HumanizED podcast and writing the second edition of my book.

I believe that being an educator today is a gift, as we are amidst the greatest learning revolution in history. Technology will continue to enable a future where learning is inclusive and accessible to all, but teachers -- not tools -- will fuel this shift. Designing human-centered learning experiences is our new focus.