Gorgedance Summit

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Dear dancers throughout the Gorge I would like to to gain your advice. Laura and I have worked diligently to promote dance equity. Trying to find the next good ideas to develop. She believed strongly in the ideal of "one dance". From instigating dance at family gatherings to being the catalyst at Squrl’s events, to performing publicly she expressed herself through motion. Whether lilting on your shoulder, eyes shut, or springing from your arms, many leads and onlookers have elated in her engagement. The dances I have seen her excited about include contact improv, zydeco, salsa, night-club two step, African, samba, tap, bachata, balboa, tango, country western, belly dancing, merengue, swing, blues, and ecstatic dance. If you could lead it she might be able to follow it. When we began twenty years ago there was very little dance in the Gorge. We had fabulous musicians but little dance. We are the pioneers that are changing the future. She believed that dance lessons were the first step, but that dance brought into life was the goal. We allowed ourselves to dream of what could be and then shared it with the dance community listening for what was ready to happen. If we ran an idea up the flag and everyone (or at least a critical mass) saluted we would have a direction or directions to push. I would like to use Laura’s dream of dance community unity “one dance” as an opportunity to focus on mountains rather than mole hills.


Topic Summaries:

These ideas usually begin with "wouldn't it be great if...".

  1. Promote Lifetime Dancers: If we could more effectively support dance students to become active lifetime dancers.
  2. If an upstart instructor could provide intro lessons before dances venues connecting enthusiasts to upcoming lessons.
  3. If there was a way to create a dance studio available to instructors and the community. (Johnny & Hannah)
  4. If a song list could be made available to local musicians of songs that are particularly danceable. Most songs are swing ready identifying those with usable beats; salsa, blues, tango, etc.. this list was first requested by Rick Hulet. (Ruth Olin, Kara Morgan, Bill and Adie)
  5. If there was a way to create an artist in residence program that could teach dance to high school students and strive to connect them to local instruction. (Amy Courtney, Tommy Fliss )
  6. If the gorgedance web page could be made more useful. (John Hadley, )
  7. If Tango could get an infusion of instruction and become self sustaining since there has been a lot of work put into its success already.
  8. Promote to businesses: If we can crack the code figuring out how to get public venues to work us into their successful business model.
  9. Local Dance Opportunities: If more salsa,tango, etc... dancers had places locally to dance. Most local bands provide great swing and blues opportunities but it leaves our other brothers and sisters having to go to Portland instead of experiencing local synergy.
  10. The Next Dance: If various dance could be brought to the gorge. What is the next dance style that we should be preparing to bring to the gorge. (Ruth Olin, Bill Hoffer)
  11. There was a yearly dance fundraiser to promote "one dance" following the Sparkle and Shine format perhaps in Laura's name.
  12. If this steering committee could be sustained and meet quarterly to facilitate progress on these projects. We should make it fun doing our own market research on danceability of songs.
  13. A mission statement that lets us all focus on our own dance and keep benefitting from the synergy of cooperation.
  14. Others?