Three friends that banded together to have loosely based horror film discussions while also breaking down films beat by beat. Formed in 2016 we live for horror and will die for gore! Welcome to... The Gortuary!

About us

Cody: He's the wild card, always has been. He shreds corpses just as well as he shreds the axe. You can likely find him slathered in mud and impersonating a forest beast in your local animal sanctuary.

Devin: This fucking guy. Lover of horror and old media. He'll talk your ear off about horror films. You can likely find him lurking beneath the city with the other CHUDS.

Jasmine: Shook up old ladies... GET CUT! Jaz is one hell of a knowledgeable movie buff and can hit you with movie quotes faster than you can say "Helter Skelter". She's a damned fine seamstress so you can likely find her creeping under your bed stitching together your body bag.