County of Montbéliard

County of Montbéliard agglomEration (PMA)

Franc-Comtois Surrender! Neni My faith!

  • As our saying goes, "where the comtois flag floats, whoever you are, you are at home!", Montbéliard located in the north east of the region of Bourgogne Franche Comté, knows how to welcome its visitors.
  • Today, PMA is an important community of municipalities with its 72 towns and villages on an area of 415 km2 and 140 000 inhabitants.
  • County of Montbéliard, historical agglomeration by its history linked to the Württemberg family in the 13th century, but also by its industrial story that one owes in particular to the Peugeot family.
  • Its Renaissance castle enthroned in the center of the agglomeration shows its Germanic past, it now houses the Museum of Archaeology and Natural history.
  • The Peugeot brothers were very attached to their region and built their first car factory in the city of Sochaux. Today, the PSA Sochaux site is one of the largest in France and employs 8 000 people to produce the famous models 3008, 5008...
  • Montbéliard is a land of inventors, notably with Etienne Oehmichen, engineer and inventor of the helicopter, whose first flight will be carried out on the airfield of Arbouans in 1924.
  • This famous airfield which has become a very nice aerospace platform from where the 63rd course Gordon Bennett will take off.