Nutritional Science

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

--Hippocrates of Kos (460 – c. 370 BC)

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Most practising physicians have taken the Hippocratic Oath which abides them to uphold specific ethical standards. Commonly, Hippocrates is referred to the father of modern medicine, for it is said that He is first person in history who believed that diseases were caused naturally, and not because of any superstition nor gods. And, He is believed to have the most knowledge person of his time in the study of human health and nutritional science. While most Americans will agree on the adage that claims "You are what you eat," we now have epidemic levels of obesity and diabetes caused entirely on what is called the Standard American Diet (SAD).

So how will a whole nation of semi-conscious, work till you drop, short lived citizens deal with such a progressive worsening health care system?

We as Americans naively think that our politicians will represent our best interest and pass legislation that will solve the crisis that is causing millions of American to die every from diseases caused by our lack of good eating habits, but most politicians don't have enough desire to be passionate about resolving this crisis through educational programs and research grants that focus on good nutrition. So, healthwise, most Americans will refuse to believe that their serious medical malities are tied to poor eating habits, while most of today's medical professionals will continue decades of dogma that believes poor health should be treated exclusively through drugs. And, should a person develop diabetes, they are not only incurable, but their symptoms will progressive worsen until death.

It's sad but true that the majority of medical professionals and politicians today are more interested in expensive treatments rather than using a cheaper cure. Dealing with my attempts to reverse diabetes for more than two decades, I can honestly tell you that from my own personal experience, if you want to be cured, you will need to understand that the problem lies with the American dietary habit of excessively eating disease causing foods. Unfortunately, those doctors and politicians that you're expecting to tell you something ethically helpful about your weight control problem and blood sugar management issue, will only contribute to the depressing problem.

Well, here's a paradigm shift, it's absolutely possible to be free of all diseases, and live a happy life of over 100 years, just by adjusting what you eat and modifying your lifestyle. Personally, I still have a hard time accepting that I was diagnosed with diabetes three times, but I have now learned exactly what the mistake was in my thinking about health, and I can now confidently declare that I will never be diabetic ever again. And, I can now expect live a much longer life than what my primary care physician had diagnosed.

I'm thoroughly convinced that although a person may think that they can not increase your lifespan, but if they look at all of the research published through PubMed, they'd find that it was nothing but a capitalistic fallacy. My advice to everyone is that you invest a little time before it's too late ,and learn what good nutrition really is.

The button below is linked to a YouTube playlist of just a few of the thousands of nutrition videos than can help you understand how to eat your way to good health, and why I'm passionate about providing this information.

Carpe diem! Best wishes on your path to good health.

Thank you, and God bless