About Sprouting

Cheap Super Food

I first attempted sprouting in the late 90's, but I always looked at them as greens for my sandwich, but they didn't seem to be as practical as I had envisioned, until my recent successful reversal of type II diabetes (see the AboutMe page). The most important thing I've learned from the related dietary research on this raw food source is that sprouts are perhaps the most nutritiously viable way to lower my caloric intake and lose weight rapidly without having a problem by becoming deficient in essential vitamins. And, I've learned through hundreds of available health videos on YouTube, that this was a better method absorbing vitamins than supplementing with a wasteful pill. For me, the most exciting part of all this is that it takes so little effort and it's insanely cheap.

I had in fact known in the late 90's, that there was a movement in the dieting world called the Raw Food diet, where vegans were attempting to get more nutrients into their plant based diets.