Digital Planner

AVID - Digital Planner

PIN the Planner

Have students pin their planner file so it is always open and part of their screen

Digital Planner

Click HERE to get your own copy of the digital planner.


  • Students will be using their Chromebooks in most classes throughout the day. They will then use these same Chromebooks to study or do homework when they get home. Digitizing the planner makes easy access to their important information where they do not have to dig through their backpacks to find their planner. Plus it is FREE!
  • If the students download the free Google Sheets app on their phone, they will have access to the document from there as well.

Planner Information:

    • Each day and period has 2 sections:
      • WWD - "What We Did" or "What We're Doing"
      • HW - Homework
    • Each week has 3 extra sections:
      • Extra Curricular - Encourage students to keep track of meetings and events so they won't miss them.
      • Work / Evening - Some of our students have jobs, church, community service and more to accomplish after school hours, here is a great opportunity to keep track of their schedule.
      • Notes for the Week - This can be a reminder and/or to do list.
    • Trigger Words:
      • If a student uses any of the following words in their planner it will automatically change the cell to a different highlighted color to draw attention to these important dates.
        • quiz - yellow
        • test - blue
        • project - pink

HINT: Students should pin the digital planner browser tab so that it is always open and available for access.