Collaborative Slides - Individual Work

Create Collaborative Slides for each Student to respond to a prompt/task then provide feedback to each other.

#100 - Collaborative Google Slides (Individuals) - DREAM VACATION

Collaborative Slides - Individual Work

Click HERE to get your own copy of the collaborative slides from above.


  • Have all students in the class individually respond to a prompt or task, compare with each other, provide feedback to each other and have readily available access to all shared information.

How To:

  1. Open the template, add your task instructions and modify the title to represent the task.
  2. Add the template to Google Classroom as an assignment with "Students can edit file" permissions. This will provide open access to every student within that Google Classroom to edit.
  3. Remember to Add a Topic to match the current topic of study so your students can easily refer to this assignment later during the grading period.
  4. Remember to have the students comment on each other's slides to provide feedback.

HINT: You need to establish good classroom management and expectations before providing this option to students. They have access to interfere with other student slides. They also have access to the "chat" feature within GSlides. If you are experiencing difficulties of this nature during class you can go back to the Google Classroom assignment, click on Edit, and change the permissions to "Students can view file". Once you have reestablished the assignment expectations, you can edit the assignment again to change the permissions back to "Students can edit file".

Extra HINT: Remind students to mark as done when they have completed their slide AND completed all of their feedback comments.