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Some Good Reasons to Smile and Laugh

When we talk about maintaining dental health and ensure proper dental hygiene, we usually talk about avoiding dental issues which can lead to tooth loss and other oral health complications. What we usually merely mention but do not put an emphasis on is the smile that we can get by proper dental cleaning. There are some amazing benefits of smile that you might not have heard of.

Improved mood

You might not like to laugh or smile when you are in a bad mood. But do you know that a fake smile can actually help in improving your mood? When you curl your lips in order to smile, whether you want to do it or not, you actually make your brain feel happier. You can try it next time when you are stressed. You might not feel it to be something normal but it has long lasting effects which are really good for your overall mood.

When you develop the habit of smiling in stressful situations, you can transform it into a habit of laughing. This way, you will be able to relax your brain, nerves and muscles.

You present yourself as an approachable person

One of the most desirable things for you in your life would be to remain an approachable person. You would like to be honored. The best way to so it is to honor other by your smile. You might recall the times when you would try to approach a person but you would see that person in the bad mood, what would you do then? You would surely prefer to stay away at least for that particular time. So, when you are in bad mood, people do not like to come to you. Therefore, keep smiling and you will be a popular person among your group.


You would want to be productive in order to meet with the financial challenges of your life. But you have got to believe in the fact that you are not going to get it when you are in a bad mood. The relationship between productivity and happiness is quite complex. When you are happy, you are productive. And when you are productive, you become happy. As mentioned above, even the fake smile can bring your out of the stress zone. Thus, you can perform pretty well when you are happy.

Physical health

There are several physical health benefits which you can get by smiling and laughing. When you laugh, your abdominal muscles get some activity which leads to the release of endorphins. This neurochemical helps in the reduction of pain, and it helps in the boosting of your immune system.

How Do You Deal with Gum Disease on Your Own?

Gum disease affects the majority of Americans. Probably never would have expected that, would you?

I didn’t know that until I found out I had gingivitis. And that’s when I learned that I was actually a part of the majority, not a minority. That made me feel a bit better about my case, though I still wasn’t too comfortable with the fact that I had gum disease in the first place.

While this article will serve to offer some at-home remedies for tackling your gum disease at home, the single best way to help revert the situation is to see your dentist and let them work on it, too. Only after you’ve done that can you also take these tips into account and try to thwart your gingivitis at home. If you skip the dentist, though, you’re really missing out on the best treatment there is.

Before we get into the list, it’s important to know why gingivitis is so common. From bad oral hygiene to smoking and diabetes to crooked teeth, a number of factors can cause gum disease. Check out our quick fixes at home below.


These are high-powered water flossers that are often recommended for tackling your gingivitis at home. While at first they may make your teeth and gums bleed more than they usually do (and soreness will occur after the first few days), it will eventually make everything stop bleeding entirely. There’s no better home antidote to gingivitis than using a Waterpik.

Salt water

Salt water seems to help with every issue related to your dental health. For gum disease, it’s no different. This can help to soothe and heal your gums, especially after sessions with the Waterpik and other brushings. Just swish it around for a good minute and you’ll do your mouth a world of favor.


Leafy vegetables and other green vegetables are wonderful at cleaning your gums simply because chewing on them while you eat will cause them to rub up against your gums more than most other foods.


Probiotics are good for your health in general, but they also help to reduce gingivitis-causing bacteria. Load up on your yogurt and kombucha!

Make sure you still see your dentist, even if you are tackling all these tips. You’re not alone in dealing with gingivitis, so don’t feel as if everything is tough to deal with. Try to eat healthier, take care of your teeth each and every day, and stick to this list and your gingivitis will be gone in no time.