Contact information

Institute of Fundamental Physics (CSIC). C/Serrano 113 bis, CP 28006, Madrid, office 106

email: a.gonzalez.tudela _at_

About me: I am a theoretical physicists working currently at the interface of quantum optics, condensed-matter, and quantum technologies. My group works in developing novel hybrid quantum optical systems that can lead to radically different phenomena from conventional setups as well as novel quantum technological applications.

Short bio: I graduated in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2008, and did both the Master (2009) and PhD studies (2009-2013) in the Theoretical Condensed Matter department of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Tejedor. After that I moved to the Theory Division of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, led by Prof. J. I. Cirac, as a post-doctoral researcher where I spent 5 years. Since August 2018, I am a permanent Research Scientist, affiliated to the Quantum Information and Foundation group (QUINFOG) at the Institute of Fundamental Physics (IFF) of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC).

Latest news from our group!

  • September 2020: Our work on "Frequency-resolved photon correlations in single cavity optomechanics" is out on the arXiv:2009.06216! Long-standing project of our collaboration with the groups J. Aizpurua and R. Esteban (CFM), G. Giedke (DIPC) and, of course, M. K. Schmidt (Macquiare University).

  • September 2020: Unai Zabaleta and David Fernández-Fernández join our group within the JAE Intro ICU and JAE intro programs from CSIC! They will be working one and five months in short projects supervised by me.