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Norton offers various products for your systems and devices security, including different types of Antiviruses. The comprehensive range of its products provides outstanding cybersecurity features, including protection against malware, malicious actions, trojans, network hacking, etc. Moreover, the Norton Antivirus includes a firewall that aids in keeping hackers from surreptitiously accessing your devices. Also, the inclusion of webcam protection keeps the hackers away from seeing you. Not only this, its antivirus packages offer dark web monitoring that facilitates protection against your personal information from becoming available to others. If you are also planning to opt for the Norton products, you can even go for its trial period first. After that, you can decide whether you have to buy its subscription or not. However, you will require establishing a Norton Login account for the same for your subscriptions and version management.

This article will help you with the right information about establishing the Norton Login account with the essentials you have to take care of. Also, with the reference of this article, you will get tips for creating a strong password for your Norton account.

Norton Login – Account Essentials

Before you proceed with the Norton Login account establishment procedure that we have given in this guide, we first recommend you to check for these below-written prerequisites:

  • Make sure that your web browser is the latest updated version. If not, please look for the latest update available and get the same before you go for the account establishment. Doing this will make you away from the issues that may occur during the account creation process.

  • Also, you must have an internet connection available to carry on this process.

  • Moreover, the internet connection must be robust enough to avoid interruptions in the network.

  • If you do not have any active email id, create the one to sync with the Norton Login account. This is mandatory.

If you consider these points, you will not face any hassle while establishing the Norton account.

Norton Login – Account Establishment

To begin enjoying the ultimate protection from Norton securities and antiviruses, establish your account with these simple steps:

  • First of all, you must move ahead to a web browser on your system.

  • You can utilize any from Mozilla, UC browser, Opera, Safari, Chrome, or others.

  • Select the one and launch the same to go to the navigation bar.

  • Now, using the search bar, you have to visit the homepage of Norton.

  • For this, you must reach its official website by entering the URL '' in the search tab of your system's browser.

  • As a result, you will see the Norton homepage.

  • After that, the homepage will show you multiple options, including support, products, services, sign-in, and free trial.

  • To meet the purpose of establishing the Norton Login account, you have to hit the ‘sign-in’ tab from the top right corner.

  • As a result, the new screen or window will project on your screen.

  • Therefore, click on the 'create an account' option to move further with the process.

  • As a result, the Norton Sign in account set up page will appear on the screen.

  • That page will request you to provide all the details displayed over the screen to establish your Norton Login account.

  • Therefore, type the email address in the given blank.

  • After that, you will have to re-type the same email address for accuracy confirmation purposes.

  • Remember, the email id must be active, and it should be the one that you wish to link with your Norton account.

  • Now, create a unique password for your Norton account.

  • Then, re-type the same password in the following field for accuracy confirmation.

  • After that, input your name and last name in the prompted fields.

  • Provide your mobile number too. It should be the active one.

  • Further, select your country or the region.

  • After completing the mandatory details fill-up, click on the option ‘create an account.’

  • Doing this will send you a verification code on the email id that you have mentioned for the Norton Login account.

  • Hence, open that email to find out the Norton email and go to the link it is containing.

  • Click on the link to verify the account associated with that email.

Here, the process of establishing the Norton account completes. Now, you will find yourself at Norton account dashboard.

Creating a Strong Norton Password

You can follow these tips to create a strong password for your Norton Login account. As a result of following these instructions while creating the password will help you going safe from the hackers:

  • Never use your personal information in the password, such as your name, phone number, or date of birth.

  • Also, you must choose a combination of upper-case, lower-case, numbers, and at least one special character. It makes your password strength excellent.

  • Your password must not be shorter than 15 characters.

Taking reference from this manual will not only be helpful in establishing the Norton Login account but will also guide you about the essentials and tips to make the processes more manageable and safer.