Kids Musical Spanish Class

Note: I'm adding Saturdays at 3pm to the schedule, for parents who'd rather have the lesson on the weekend. - There are still plenty of spots open on all days.

  • Kids will learn vowels and basic Spanish words through song and live music.
  • They will also be taught about different Latin musical instruments and will be exposed to various Latin American musical styles and customs.

Goliath Flores has been teaching music to children and adults for almost twenty years. In this course he teaches Spanish through fun interactive songs. Goliath has been a life long musician, and a professional for some two decades.

He also loves contributing to our community by teaching and playing for hospital patients through the organization Body & Soul (The Art of Healing), and by playing music in public spaces. You can learn more about, and listen to some of Goliath's music here.

You can sign up anytime. Each class is a standalone lesson. + If you have any questions feel free to ask via Goliath's class email: or via cellphone (510)393-1311