Golestan National Park

Golestan National Park

Golestan National Park is the oldest national park in Iran and one of the oldest national parks in the world. Golestan Forest, another name of the Golestan National Park, has been listed as one of the best and also fifty ecosystems in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1354, which is geographically located in the east of the Golestan province as well as west of the North Khorasan province. Which is one of the oldest and best national parks that has been registered, so it is one of the most valuable regions in Iran.

Golestan Forest is undoubtedly the most valuable region in Iran, both in terms of quantity and variety of animal and plant life. The Golestan National Park's biodiversity is even more advanced than some European countries that are hundreds of times larger than the park. The name of Golestan province is also selected from this region.

The Highest and Lowest place in Golestan Park

The elevation range varies between 450 meters and 2411 meters above sea level. The minimum height of the park in the tangara and its maximum at the peak of Dijorkaji is 2411 meters.

Area of Golestan Park

With an area of ​​about 900 square kilometers, the park has 1350 plant species and 302 animal species. Some animals and birds living in Golestan National Park include leopards, brown bears, wolves, Maral, Shoka, wild sheep, wild goats, Iranian curry, hog, ram, oyster oyster, golden eagle, owl, woodpeckers and red chest. In addition, several rivers, streams and waterfalls from this vast and valuable area have made the destination a favorite destination for nature lovers.

Sightseeing Golestan National Park

The spectacular scenery of this park is the Ochter Waterfall, which is 110 meters high in the spring, one of the other attractions of this park is Billy Mountain, which is one of the most beautiful peaks in the park. The natural lake, which is 1358 meters high in the park, has added to the beauty of the park.

Most importantly, the Golestan forest can be a place suitable for passage and traffic, as well as visits to the public, especially those traveling from the Tehran-Mashhad road. They can also visit the most beautiful and rare wildlife with permission to visit.

Whether you want to visit the park in any season you will encounter an indescribably beautiful nature. If you go there in the spring, you can sit back in the style of fresh and beautiful flowers, the summer trip is equal to seeing life. Varieties like marals, in the autumn, fungi grow in the area, and winter season has its own beauty.

Agh Soo and Golestan Forest waterfalls with a height of 70 meters and a discharge of 30 liters per second from the famous waterfalls of this park.

There are also several rivers in this park and more than 21 springs have been identified, most notably the Madarsu, Zav, Qetto, Golshan, Golestan, Javno, Sardarkhaneh, Doshan, Agh Su and Karkoli springs.

Plant and animal species of Golestan National Park

So far, 69 mammal species, 150 bird species, 3 amphibians and 24 reptile species have been identified. The number of plant species in Golestan National Park is 1365 species.

Carnivores and birds

Among the carnivores in the Golestan forest are leopards and brown bears. Also, only the meat that is found only in Golestan National Park is a forest marmot, which is why the park's genetic value has been added. This area is very suitable for Oreal wild sheep habitats.

Birds of Golestan Park

149 species of birds belonging to 15 orders, 42 Family and 89 species in the Golestan National Park have been identified. Of these species 48 species are observed in the spring and summer in the region and 62 species are native to the National Park. The most important of these birds are Birds such as Partridge, Pheasant, Tseo, Quails, Woodpeckers, Nightingales, Horseshoe, Crocodile, Owl, Species of the Eagle and Homa, and these are just a few examples of Golestan National Park birds.

Plants of Golestan Park

In sum, trees such as maple, ebony, oak, alder, wild pears, wild figs, hawthorns, asparagus, walnuts, almonds, cherries, cherries, artichokes and ... are among the main plants found abundantly.

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Aqsoo waterfall

Bili kooh(mountain)

Solooki wetland