Event Information

Events / Results: 2020 Park Series

06-Nov-20 #1 Botanic Gardens (Hill Street entrance )

13-Nov-20 #2 Cook Park ( Summer Street )

20-Nov-20 #3 NSW TAFE (Forest Road )

27-Nov-20 #4 Gosling Creek ( Near Bargwanna Rd carpark)

Events / Results: 2020 Summer Street Series

31-Jan-20 #1 Warrendine

7-Feb-20 #2 Clover Hill

14-Feb-20 #3 Calare

21-Feb-20 #4 Bel-Air

28-Feb-20 #5 Brooklands

Events / Results: 2020 Bush Series

1 -Mar-20 -Bush Series #1 - Macquarie Woods South

****Covid- 19 update - Bush series back on ****

12 -Jul-20 -Bush Series #2 - Lake Canobolas

2-Aug-20 - Bush Series #3 - Ophir South

6-Sep-20 -Bush Series #4 - Kahli’s Rocks

11-Oct-20 -Bush Series #5 - Oaky Creek South

24- Oct-20 - Night Event - Wilmott's Property

1-Nov-20 - Mountain Challenge run - Mt Canobolas

Additional to our regular program.

**** Suburban Street Courses:

We plan to offer a range of street courses for most of the suburbs of Orange. These will have a

scatter of control sites with some questions for each site, such as ‘what type of letter box does

house 33 have’? You can do these in your own time walking, running or on your bike. You can make

your own course or set one for someone else and do part one day and part another. There is no

timing, just an opportunity to see a part of Orange you might not be familiar with. They are just for

fun and exercise. There will not be a start and finish. Start and finish wherever you like.

See our Facebook page (also embedded in our Home Page) for more details.

We hope you enjoy these activities. If you have suggestions for other things we might do within the

current regulations and health guidelines let us know.

Take care and remember to keep well separated.


Our Bel-Air map is bounded by Northern Distributor, Mitchell Hwy and Forbes Road.

Results: 2019 Spring Park O Series

22-Nov - Park O Series #4 - Gosling Creek

15-Nov - Park O Series #3 - TAFE Campus - tba

8-Nov - Park O Series #2 - Orange High School

1-Nov - Park O Series #1 - Moulder Park