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The present Golders Green Station Action Group (GGSAG) really started when a few local residents found out that Transport for London (TfL) had asked Barnet Council to prepare a planning brief to help shape any future development of Golders Green Bus and Underground Stations, the marshalling yard, depot and sidings.

The draft Planning Brief that LB Barnet produced envisaged a massive development. It was alarming for many reasons but mainly because it was fundamentally flawed on so many levels.

To make matters worse although LB Barnet offered a consultation period, their notification of residents and commercial premises was woeful and over a very small area. So almost nobody had any clue what was happening. The consultation period was very short and over a holiday period. This caused anger among local residents and those carrying on businesses.

As a result we asked for more time for consultation and it was extended until 25th May 2017.

The GGSAG then made sure that as many people as possible heard about the draft planning brief by printing and delivering fliers over a wide area, putting up posters, speaking to the newspapers, starting a webpage and Facebook page, speaking to councillors and the local MP and e-mailing many people. This was successful and over 1000 people sent in objections.

The quality and quantity of objections led LB Barnet to send out an e-mail to people who had responded which said:-

“We are currently considering the representations that have been made on the draft Brief. It is clear from the high volume of representations that the draft Planning Brief cannot be progressed without significant revision. Subject to significant revision of the Brief the Council will re-consult. A timetable for this has yet to be set. We will notify respondents when there is clarity on how the revised Planning Brief is to be progressed.”

To help you understand what is happening this site tells you about Barnet's position and its Planning Brief, detailed response from Golders Green Station Action Group, and latest news . Please make a donation to support our work.

Even though the response date has passed there are still important things you can do to make a difference. Please go to Take Action to find out.

We now have over 600 residents and many commercial businesses who have joined our contact list. Members live or have businesses in the Golders Green Town Centre Conservation Area, the Hampstead Garden Suburb Conservation Area, Childs Hill area and other adjoining roads.

We really need your help. Thank you.

Jeremy Charles, Stanley Rom, Ronnie Jaffa, Dr Chris Phillips, Bernard Jackson - local residents on the working committee of the Golders Green Station Action Group

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