Barnet's Position

Barnet to reconsider plan in light of high volume of responses

On 26 May 2017, Nick Lynch, Planning Policy Manager of LB Barnet wrote to all respondees:

"Thank you for your response on the Golders Green Draft Planning Brief. Consultation on the draft Brief ended on May 25th. We are currently considering the representations that have been made on the draft Brief. It is clear from the high volume of representations that the draft Planning Brief cannot be progressed without significant revision. Subject to significant revision of the Brief the Council will re-consult. A timetable for this has yet to be set. We will notify respondents when there is clarity on how the revised Planning Brief is to be progressed.”

Draft Planning Brief

The Spring 2017 Draft Planning Brief can be read online at: . The Brief divides the area into two sites [see Section 6 of the Brief]:

Site A” in red, comprises the bus station including the kiosks and the separate bus turn, the green areas and the roads leading up to the junction of Finchley Road, Golders Green and North Road. It includes the Clock Tower War Memorial. This is an area of 2.2 hectares = 5.4 acres.

Potentially the War Memorial is to be moved. Potentially a mixed use development of retail units and homes will be built but to be kept below the height of the Hippodrome. The Brief gives living density figures that equate to a minimum of 500 flats. 40% would be “affordable housing”. The Brief believes that this proposal will help rejuvenate Golders Green town centre.

“Site B” in yellow, comprises the Underground Station, railway depot, shunting sheds & sidings. This is an area of 8.1 hectares =20 acres.

Potentially this is to be redeveloped into homes. The Brief gives living density figures that equate to a minimum of 800 flats plus some houses. 40% would be “affordable housing”. Site B is to be predominantly car free with no ability to park in nearby CPZ areas during the restricted hours. The brief says that “new vehicular access” will be provided from Rotherwick Road or “Corringway Court” [sic] i.e. Corringway or Corringham Court [para 6.2.6].

Additional building above the underground station is envisaged which may create even more density of flats.




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