Golden Roosters Deux DKP and Guild Policies

Official Raid Times

Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm EST, Sunday 6:30pm EST.

Sunday raids may start earlier based on which expansion we are currently on and the standard length of the raid zone or to allow for extra time on first clears.

Recruitment Period for New Applicants

New recruits who join prior to our first official raid on the new TLP will forego the recruitment process and automatically be granted full member

New applicants will undergo a six raid 'recruit' period. During this time your raid attendance and performance will be evaluated by the officer team. After six full raids have been attended (multiple partial raids can be counted as a single full raid), the officer team will discuss granting you raider status. Depending on performance, progressions, gears/AA's, and attendance, the app period may be extended for a few raids to incorporate feedback. Recruits will acquire DKP during this period and may bid on items as Tier 2 described below.

DKP System and Bidding

We will be utilizing OpenDKP with a closed bidding system. OpenDKP reveals all member bids and values once bidding has finished to keep loot transparent, fair and free of manipulation. Officers will announce in raid when loot is open for bidding. It is up to you to paying attention to when this occurs. You may only bid what is in your DKP pool prior to each raid- shown on the live DKP website. You may not go negative, and the DKP you will earn on the current raid cannot be counted towards your bids. 

DKP will be accrued in the following ways

On Time Bonus: 7 DKP

30 minute incremental 'ticks': 4 DKP

Raid End Bonus: 7 DKP

Raid completion bonus: 3 DKP ( If you attended from start to finish ).

Bidding Tiers


Tier 1: Members over 40% RA

Tier 2: Members under 40% RA, Applicants (No RA Requirement), Second Mains over 40% RA

Second Main Policy

People who box effectively during raids will be granted 'second main' status on their box character. This character acquires DKP/RA in the same manner as a regular main. The primary difference is that a second main may only win an item if no Members over 40% RA wish to bid.

Second mains will go through a six raid app period, just like main applicants. During this time, the performance of all your toons will be evaluated and feedback will be provided by the officer team. Depending on performance, progressions, gears/AA's, and attendance, the app period may be extended for a few raids to incorporate feedback. Second Mains will acquire DKP during the application period and may bid.

Main Change & SM Change Policy

Changing mains or second mains to a class that is in high need within the guild may be done without penalty. This exception will only be granted with officer approval. With regards to this one exception the following penalties will be in place for main changing.

First main change will be a 50% penalty.

Second main change will be a 100% penalty. 

Any second main change will be a 100% penalty. 

DKP Decay on Expansion Unlock

When a new expansion unlocks DKP decay will hit all characters. Decay will work in the following manner. 

Members above 70% raid attendance will receive a 15% decay.

Members at or above 50% raid attendance will receive a 30% decay.

Members under 50% raid attendance will receive a 50% decay.

Life happens, if you have been a consistently high RA raider in the past but a major life event prevents you from raiding as normal you may submit a request to have your decay tier adjusted appropriately pending officer voted approval.

Classic Planar Armor Drops

Classic class armor breastplates, robes, and legs will be DKP bid off. All other armor pieces will be rolled off and no DKP charged. Tier 1 bidders have priority over Tier 2 bidders in armor rolls.

Epic Item Drops on Raids

Epic items that drop on raids will be distributed to attending members based on highest 60 day RA. 

Expansions with turn in drops for spells (PoP Runes etc)

Spell turn in items will be distributed by the officers based on the needs of the raid first. After raid needs have been met they will be open bid and/or rolled based on bidding tiers. This generally means runes will be distributed as follows:

1. Given out based on raid need to specific characters (primarily buffers) for no DKP charge. These are distributed based on the discretion of the officer team, but consideration is given to raid performance and RA and runes may be given to Second Mains or Alts to ensure coverage for required buffs/spells/songs.

2. Open bid to Tier 1 bidders (mains above 40% RA)

3. Once no Tier 1 bidders want to bid on runes, they will be rolled off to Tier 1 bidders for no DKP charge

4. Once no Tier 1 bidders need runes, steps 2 & 3 will be repeated for Tier 2 bidders (edited)

Heirloom and Character Bound Lockout Changes and Clarifications

Off-night raids will not use DKP. Each raider may WIN only ONE 'NEED' roll and unlimited 'GREED' rolls. If every raider wins one 'NEED' roll, or remaining members who have not won an item yet

refuses to roll 'NEED' on an item- it will be opened to a second round of 'NEED' rolls available to previous winners of round one. You may roll for any character that is a registered member of the guild. You may not roll for alts that do not exist at the time of rolling, or who are not guild tagged. 

If you attend an off night raid using your main character, your lockouts for official raids will likely be compromised. If you are unable to attend a main scheduled DKP raid because of this you will 

not earn dkp and forfeit your raid attendance. Bringing a second main in replacement of your main is not a valid work-around. Second main accounts are welcome to attend off-night raids but again be

aware that you may compromise your lockouts for main scheduled raids- where your second main can earn dkp and bid as a tier 2 member. This is generally your choice to make. We may however restrict or highly

encourage you to save your second main lockouts for main raids in certain instances such as first clear runs ( example 1st Avatar of War kill, do not burn your Kael DZ on your cleric SM etc). 

If you intend to participate in regular off-night raids, it would be suggested you level alternate characters for these purposes instead of using your second main. Choosing a class of a similar archtype  would be most beneficial with the obvious benefit of heirloom items and the ability to swap gear around. Example, plate class main, plate class alt of a diff class (or the same class) where the majority of gear is interchangeable. This is a suggestion but not a requirement by any means.

Ideally we would prefer if at least one official raid officer is present at each off night raid, however if none are available a regular member is welcome to take up the role of raid leader and organize a raid. You will be required however to follow the loot policy outlined above without deviation. 

If a GDKP or 'Plat raid' is organized, it must only be lead by an official guild officer. This is to ensure we are projecting our typical high raid standard to the public invited and having trusted players handling the raid funds honestly.

Clarification on Droppable and 'rot' loot at main DKP raids. 

Droppable loot that is passed on by tier 1 and then tier 2 bidders goes to our guild bank. If you wish to purchase this item for an alt, you may do so at a rate discounted from standard 'tunnel/bazaar' prices. This is the same policy we used on Mangler server.

No-Drop items that are passed on by tier 1 and then tier 2 bidders goes to 'rot' status. We will then auction to sell the loot rights publicly. If we have no buyers, it will be open to 'alt rolls'. 

You may then random for the item for an alternate character. This character must exist and be tagged in the guild to roll. This is the same policy we used on Mangler server.

Why do we sell items? These funds enable us to supply raid reagents like emeralds and peridots. These funds also enable us to give back to you- the members! The Golden Roosters organize 'fun nights' at the 

end of every expansion where we distribute excess guild bank krono. We hold contests such as in-raid bingo where the squares are raid related ( ie. wizard pulls agro, Fame afk's, Warrior DBOW drops ). 

We have held pvp competitions, MS paint drawing competitions and even organized our own fake GM event with characters hidden throughout Norrath to find. All for Krono prizes. We also typically award krono based on raid attendance for the expansion period. Example, after the contests we have 30 Krono left, the 30 members with the highest raid attendance receive a Krono.

You may not use your main characters DKP pool to bid for an item expressly for an alternate character.

Guild Expectations

The Golden Roosters are a raiding guild first and foremost, all raiders who are available are generally expected to attend raids if online. Obvious exceptions to this rule apply. Everquest is a team based game and therefore we expect members to show a supportive team-oriented attitude.

We expect our members to have base knowledge of the raids, and mobs included, we will of course be explaining, and expanding on any niche strategies, but to best make use of our raid time it is preferred members have a brief knowledge. 

We expect our members to have knowledge of your class, and how best to utilize your character in a raid, and guild environment.

Members are expected to maintain a level of performance in line with that of the guild, not asking for rock stars, asking for respect for the other team members here.

We all would like to enjoy our time playing this game, especially during raids, and especially on voice communication (discord). Please, when it comes to jokes, memes, comments, READ THE ROOM. Consider this a work environment, anything that wouldn't fly with HR, won't here (Racism, Sexism, Bullying, etc) We are all mature, keep it light and let's have fun.  Guild members who cannot abide by this policy may be removed as no one individual comes before the guild.

As a guild we expect that we can have a fun, focused and effective atmosphere when raiding. For that to happen, we need communication, during raids we should have specific voices talking on discord only. There will be times to tell jokes, but for a few minutes at a time we request listening. It’s also a matter of respect for the rest of the team.

As for leadership, well, tell us your expectations, we want to be transparent and vocal about what’s going on, and again, everyone here is mature, looking to have a fun time. What we don’t need is unheard of issues, we’re always looking to improve ourselves and our leadership in order to have the best environment for the guild as possible. So, please, let us know what we can do better.