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the fruit which comes from the spirit and not man alone. so when i say "man" the meaning is "Mankind" to be also the fruits of which we come from to know the Heavens filled men accordingly to the spirit and any helping comments are greatly appreciated. Let us say to the heavens that we built upon your grace and made thus for you coming tomorrow.

Opening the Heavenly Gates

i wonder from one casket carved from stone to another and from one heaven to the other. will the spirit open up and be graceful through flight and be seen as the other opens up and reveals the likeness of every heavenly being seen to others, as grace flies through the other’s upper chambers and awakens the heavenly spirit of many to be alike and open through the times sanctified from one time given to the other in heaven.

for the number of heaven remains open and is given to know that the number of heaven is a million upon millions who gather like the shores and sands of God’s heel written from the book of life, and for the book of life God remains here among His Children.

and from many who became hardened rock and stone engravings of God’s hand to be the hearts of men and women chiseled out of grave stones and the ones who praise only God in Heaven and by whom who makes a man solid image and forms him into diamond through only one crystal age and separates the diamond into three stacks that are pierced through by one heavenly light folded unto two within one opening of heaven’s Gate.

Rising Stars

  1. God presets the seed of Heaven to be as a demon seed given to the others in man to seed the house of tomorrow by understanding the Christ, Buddha and Allah to be as the first or the last of their kind in Heaven seeded to man.
  2. and the House of Man to be given through the Spirit that gives everything of God's heart and being alive, by adjusting the works of man to be as the heavens combined.
  3. and the works in Spirit to be as the first coming unto the next of His own seed of Christ who is begotten by the House of Man, and seeded to the next given in spirit to be the Son of Heaven in time.
  4. and the heavens opened to be the Spirit of One in Man or Woman as the Holy Spirit becomes the gift of men and women alike.
  5. and as the spirit opens the gates of man's heart and soul. for trust will be given to him when he has the will of God's heart within him to be written in stone and granite.
  6. and the heavens awaken the life in spirit to be as the Holy Ghost of the three trinities of heavenly domain.
  7. "the father sends a demon seed to bare witness for the coming of God and His children to be as the Father and Son to the Holy Spirit". Amen

God's Heavenly Body

When the heavens made up man as the Father in heaven we became thus innocent made given to clay and rock to be as the last of its kind in Me. as the waters overflow into heaven remember that man is the face of heaven given to be the house and body of Christ. When man made up heaven as the wife unto heavenly beings and called the man and woman “Human” for the only day is given to be as the Father and Son, and Holy Spirit united unto three heavens and One spirit. As one becomes the other in heaven then shall both unite under the one in Us called Spirit. For the heaven awakens the world and shakes the rocks of mountains unto the river and water that makes clay and body to man and spirit to begin again as the heavens remain to Us who are human and blessed in spirit.

City of God

because of the heaven we remain guiltless and free for the heaven to seal the mark of God in man. his number is 666 and the first without trust will come out of the mouth in time, for as the one who speaks blasphemy without knowing shall be punished as the first and the last to be the beast of me and the giving of heaven. but as the heavens yield mercy shall i give heaven praise? if one would fall from heaven the gates will remain shut. but if the gates shut before the less knowing to be guest and sacrificial lambs to the slaughter then one never know less than what he knows. as for the guest he who lives in terror will live in peace. as the wave pushes forth against the sand so shall terror blindly roll back unto the same waters from whence it came.

because i was alone and now becoming the foot soldier of this regime of God's purpose to block any defensive measure the comes forth unto us. but the last order of man became wise and sat in company to heaven and all it's fortitude was swept aside as the true culture arises from their own ashes and the fallen to be risen again. for the night will hold no sleepless from dreams or from the house of tomorrow be taken. if two warring factions open the heavens together then both will be given the keys of heaven that turns wrong to right and pleases the lord for their mercy shall be given 1000 fold unto one city remade to jasper and iron, waters that flow between and underneath the lands of our forefathers promise that every third of heaven and every third marriage shall be complete.

because of the woman who holds her day innocent and pure from heart shall be your reward and heaven tomorrow to have our children playing together and becoming the truth of our existence.

The Title "Beast in Heaven"

the landing of harvest is the cropping of God's house given to all who know the spirit within. for one who knows the time has come will only substitute the goodness for God against His own time reunited as the church hails to another beast that soldiers for outposts of God's creation set firm unto man's mark inhabits the first as the last conquered. for the first in heaven will fall from the next to know change is everlasting in heaven trusted for our own time remade. if one shall open the forest to be hidden will God also change this as well. for God only hands the mark of man to man and not unto the beast of the world called blasphemy. as the last force into heaven and man's time for reunion unto his God and none others to unite this common bliss of God's creation set to man and woman to be the next as the first coming in glory to He who is The Most High in Heaven to be the answer of grace and harmony.

for when heaven strikes the lame man down then God will pull him back up for the witness of all who come into glory and heaven to announced as the light welcomes the last who will be first to open the seals of man upon our waters and heavenly glory called upon the forehead to be the beast and the flock it devours from men and the host gathering them along the wayside of creation to lift up the garden in Heaven as the last of it's fruit fall and become lifted through the spirit that makes everything clean as the first who is now the Father in Heaven.

The New Heaven Open

And before my eyes i can see the light of heaven come within glory of man and in His glory to conquer the willing hearts to subdue and change the likeness of One unto many who believe in the spirit and his Angels of peace. for if the man shall inherit the earth to become nothing beside Our Father then will the beast also change in face of God? One in God will man abide and become through the spirit of Christ Jesus to witness the changing of light if no body shall inherit the Father's will for the becoming of Heaven's light upon the world and upon the waters that cleans the spirit of men to be good forever.

and as the light reabsorbs the fruit of man to become the willing hearts of millions then the light passes through the wormhole of many passages and many passing by to pureness and peace as the gates reopen unto us who are in the Father's will and heart of man to be like the sands of time.

The Mystics

The Heaven

the last will be the first but if the first is last then combine the the last first who is to be second of all who came first. and when second coming has been foretold then destroy the second and rebuild what was first before the second coming.

The Beginning

in the beginning there word created the universe and the word created Us who created Them, who created Him who created You to be created for Two who will create One to be reborn again or twin . so let the mysteries of God become truth of the unknown. The Dragon (to be alike) came from the likeness of light to be the likeness alike and then He came from the dark to be alike somewhat dark but darker than right and the dragon saw what was light He was crossed between Him and Her when They became Them who become Two when they were One before the great battle ended none was found in heaven to be One and the last who will became first again who becomes last to became first and last becomes the Second. now in garden the the serpent was the guardian of the oldest tree and saved her knowledge for her children who became her elders who becomes the offspring to the elders who became the newest-marriage who becomes the other marriages that becomes the first and last marriage to become one-Marriage in heaven. now the Geology from thus creation of Us who created Them, who created Him who created Her who created Them who created you to be created for two who will create one to be a son to make two from one and three for two and one for a twin to begin again.

The Twins

the splice came from the first season that becomes the second branch in season to become the first of two halves that become one in season. the Garden Keeper liked what he saw, and made two from all the branches that grafted in from a season. and the womb produced two from a cave near Heaven to be alike the first who is youngest who outreaches for Heaven.

The Book and Gardens

  • When the light opens the the world the Guide of Heavens remains like a thieve unto the night giving the measure of God’s heart to know what makes man a mystery.
  • The light is laid upon the world when the heaven opens and the One who enters will become as Our Lord Jesus Christ who will open the lights of many to be as gold walked upon, and the light is the Father who makes a lot unto the ones who makes the gamble of God’s blessing to be taken for the the night, and to be given to One in spirit.

  1. Remember the light of the world is given to you as One that could be taken tomorrow.
  2. Always prepare the way unto the righteous as God has given to us in spirit to be as One.
  3. Always remember the that God has prepared for you the way that moves forth in spirit to the unknowing as much will be said that is never heard before.
  4. Reprove yourself worthy and let the spirit of God keep you in flight as you leap with faith.
  5. When trust is given to the Lord then reproof is giving in the spirit to know your on the correct path.
  6. Reproof is like a guide given to us when to know what was and what will be again.
  7. Remain true in spirit to know God provides for those who believe in Him.

  • As one who will forget when unbecoming a servant to know himself, but the lord understands and makes a field for the false prophet to receive a mark and rest for a time to be taken and renewed.
  • It is harder for a man to walk in the spirit of the Almighty alone. One must be prepared to know the that God possesses the man in spirit to know pride and goodness above the Heavenly law.

Teachers of Men

  1. Anyway to God is the right way to God and to know this commands understanding to know God. when teacher tells you that the heaven is known only through Him then let Him write the Book of God and Man to be alike in the garden.
  2. For the the only false teachers in us are the ones that never understand the heavens to be given to another land or rebirth. Let the false teachers believe that heaven is only for the religious and overbearing to freedom of religion, to be as many have seen to the good deeds given to evil people for what makes right to be wrong is to know that House of God remains divided.
  3. If you would knock and God opens the back door for you then be as the house and roof under one God in us to know good only is given by the spirit of Christ that knows all things to be good and all things remembered. If i would clean the house only on Sundays then let them come in.
  4. and if a false prophet shall be welcomed under the roof of heaven to make right, to be understang and the techer that knows the house of man to be separate for peace unto One for tomorrow and One for what was, and what will be the giving of truth. If you would be invited into someone else's house then be honored.
  5. If God would divide this house in times of anger due to religion then let them know that all who come in to glorify the Father also glorifies their own teaching. But give glory to those who do good and worship in their own way, for the heavens to remain together in the garden and the House of God.

The God of War

God and Neighbor

  • what pleases us in spirit is of the spirit that knows all things and all things known to be pleasing to us. what is born to spirit is of the spirit and what pleases the Lord pleases house and neighbor undivided
  • so keep your house~(allies)close, and your neighbor~(enemy)even closer.” ~Sun Tzu and The Art of War“
  • truth and wisdom dictates that two warring factions become allies and neighbor.”

Eye for Eye

  • “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. “whenever you steal 5 Marks you pay 10 Marks by the Law of Man (Court)”
  • If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. “if you hit someone not protecting themselves so shall the Holy Spirit slap you with guilt when you have no defense.”
  • And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. “while the Holy Spirit blesses the right cheek do not resist the left cheek as well.”

Being Surrounded

  • when an animal is cornered that’s when they are most vicious,if you would surround an enemy make a hole for them.
  • an opening to let them gather the rest in God’s House.
  • and treat the wounded and give supplies to the needy. for the day of salvation is at hand to be the mercy shown unto you as well.

Enemies of the Enemy

  • enemies of the enemy are my allies.
  • if the allies of your enemy become too strong. then believe that the enemy is your neighbor of many who will be closer than your allies tomorrow gathered under One house of peace.
  • so love God and neighbor.