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6 tips for organizing an event

When you organize an event, you have a lot to think about. You should think of someone who welcomes people, sufficient seats, snacks and drinks, information folders, a program and so on. This is also the reason that students who organize an event more easily get a job : it is beautiful on your resume. Do you want to organize an event without stress? Then these 6 tips are a good help! Wedding Planner Charlotte NC

1. Work from the beginning to the end

Think along with your guests throughout the event. So start at the arrival. Where do the guests park? How do they reach the destination? Once they get there: where can they get rid of the coats? Is it clearly indicated where to go? Do they get coffee / tea? If you think about the whole event as if you were a guest, you will encounter most things.

2. Approach those who have a task on time

Do not remember at the last minute that you need someone who has a task during the event. Depending on your event, you need a speaker, DJ or artist. Plus of course people from catering if you organize a big event. So make a list of people you need well in advance and ask them to cooperate at least 2 months in advance.

3. Ask for help

Do you have little experience in organizing an event? Ask for help and information from others who do have experience. They can save you for beginner mistakes and embarrassing situations. Preferably use a practical checklist so that you do not skip important things.

4. Provide good information sources for guests

Your guests will probably receive more information during the event. This can be about products, services, parties or general information. Make sure that the information that guests receive is clear. Do you give more than 1 leaflet? Make it a nice and useful information package.

5. Use name badges

The employees of the event must be recognizable. Because they are usually not immediately identifiable by the clothing, name badges are ideal . You can of course make this with only the name of the employee, but you can also have the logo of the event or of your company printed on it. Recognition is the key to success during an event.

6. Provide good sanitation

You have checklists and you do not just forget the sanitary facilities. Yet we call this an extra tip because it is so incredibly important. You score - certainly with ladies - only if your event has good sanitary facilities that are clean . If necessary, take care of a toilet lady who earns money by keeping the toilets clean: it will certainly be appreciated. Even if people therefore have to pay 50 cents to go to the toilet.

With these 6 practical tips you can plan a successful event without stress. Starting here on time really helps, because arranging things at the last moment often goes wrong. Also provide backup plans if something happens suddenly. For example, the name of a reserve speaker for when your speaker suddenly turns out to be ill. This way you can be sure that your event can continue in all cases!