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How do you organize an event?

Everybody organizes a (company) event: an adventurous team building , an inspiring congress , the annual staff party , a dazzling wedding party or just a birthday party. Golden Venues helps you on your way to make your event, business or private, an unforgettable event.

What should you pay attention to when organizing an event?

It is tempting to start immediately with the elaboration of your event, but it is wise to first thoroughly do your homework. Once your event has started, you will not get a second chance. It must immediately be a bull's eye. Murphy's law is constantly in wait: if something can go wrong, it will also go wrong. You can only prevent that when you prepare your event down to the last detail. If you do not do this, you run the risk that the event will miss its target or that it will cost you more time and money than necessary. You start with the analysis of the objective (s) and you determine the target group you want to reach.

You can choose to organize the event yourself or you can outsource the event to an event agency . What are you doing? Discover the advantages and disadvantages here . If you opt for an event agency, do you best stick to these rules for a pitch among event agencies ?

Scenario event

When your goal is ready and you clearly have your target group in mind, you can start with the next step: drawing up a script. In the scenario you work out the tasks and responsibilities of your team. During the whole process you plan the scenario. Organizing an event is a complex challenge that many parties are involved in. As an organizer, you need to have the necessary project management skills to manage everything in the right direction.


Setting up a budget for events is a continuous process. It is best to start with a global estimate. You do that before you apply for quotations. This way you can immediately see whether you are realistic. You systematically plan the provisional budget when you receive quotations or when you can make a more targeted estimate. This budget checklist for your event will help you on your way.

Guest list and invitations

Diaries are bulging. The invitation for your event or party should not only arrive in time, but should also encourage the recipient to release part of his time for your event. The first impression, just a glance, can make all the difference between response and trash. Pay a lot of attention to the elaboration of a stimulating invitation. After all, inviting is the art of seduction. Send a pre-announcement or save-the-date 10 weeks before your event.

Setting up the guest list is a time-consuming job. However, you can not afford to make mistakes. To forget someone is inexcusable. Ask for help from others when compiling the guest list.

Dress code

In many cases the clothing choice of your guests is free. Does specific clothing contribute to the atmosphere of the event or is it necessary in view of the (weather) conditions? Then you can appreciate a certain type of clothing ( dress code ). Discover all the dres codes here .

Event location or party room

The event location or party room largely determines the look and feel of your event. So you can safely say that the event location can make or break an event. Do not forget to take practical aspects into account. Use this handy checklist for event locations and calculate how many square meters of surface you need for your event .


You do not choose a party caterer haphazardly. Also at an event the love of the participants goes through the stomach. Catering is therefore very important and must fit in with the objective of your event and the target group. We explain what to look out for when choosing a caterer . Follow these guidelines to determine how much drinks and snacks you should provide .


There is a lot more to entertainment than good bands , animations , ... search. You also have to take into account a number of practical aspects. Which permits do you need? What do you do when an artist cancels at the last minute? Use this checklist for entertainment at your event .

Event decoration

Event decoration determines to a large extent the appearance of the event and the experience of your guests. It concerns the total atmosphere experience. A pleasant, beautiful location can be sufficient, but you can also opt for a complete decoration in your own style, or you can place a few special eyecatchers to create the right atmosphere.

Event technique

The role of technology is becoming increasingly important, but it can be very different from event to event. Sometimes the technical delights literally steal the show. At other events, audiovisual concepts are used to support presentations or performances. Choose at least a reliable supplier for renting light and sound .

Photo and video

Do not forget to hire a photographer and / or cameraman . You can send them on the road to capture beautiful images of important moments, acts and audiences. You should pay attention to this when you hire a photographer .

Permits and insurance

Licenses and event insurance are especially important for you as an organizer. Are you okay with everything, then you can worry a lot of headaches and save a financial hangover.