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8 Tips for organizing a house party

Do you have something to celebrate and do you prefer to just enjoy it at home? Quite right! Life is already expensive enough and actually it is also very nice to have all your friends at home. Often these are the best and most memorable evenings! To help you on your way, we give you some tips for organizing a house party. Consider this as your checklist to make sure you do not forget anything and get some ideas!

1. The invitation to the party

The party starts with the invitation. You can of course invite everyone personally, but then you make keeping the 'guest list' complicated. The simplest way is of course to create a Facebook event, but there are also disadvantages: not everyone has Facebook and very personally such an invitation is not. The best thing is Paperless Post , where you can make a personal ticket online. You simply send this card via e-mail and immediately create an agenda item. Your guests can immediately indicate whether they are present and so you can very conveniently see in the calendar how the guest list is.

2. What is the party budget?

It is important to think in advance how much money you want and can give to the party. First consider how many people you invite and also remember how much an average guest drinks and what everyone drinks. Are you going for low-budget? Buy wine, beer and soft drinks (keep an eye on offers). Report this to your guests in advance, because if someone drinks something else, he or she can always take that with you. Do you have something more to spend? Then you can also make delicious cocktails with herbs (from your own herb garden ?).

Once you have determined the budget for the drinks, you also know how much you have left for the rest of the organization: glasses, crockery, decorations, snacks and music.

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3. Decorations

This is the best part of organizing a party! But before you get started, you have to ask a few questions. What is the occasion? Do you just celebrate life or is someone successful, birthday or is it Halloween ? Do you choose a theme? You can adjust the decorations accordingly. A nice webshop for party items and decorations can be found in this overview . You can also make nice decorations yourself. For example, think of a garland of straws .

Also think of the lighting, because nothing is as uncomfortable as too bright lights at a party. For example, go for string lights , which you hang over the ceiling like a chain. Candlelight is cozy, but also more dangerous!

4. Drinks and snacks

Chances are you do not have enough glasses to provide everyone with a drink. No worries, there are plenty of companies where you can rent tableware and the good thing is that you do not have to wash those glasses. You can simply rinse them, put them back in the crate and return them. Furthermore, we advise you to make a kind of self-service bar . For example, place a large ice bucket on the table, fill it with ice and put some bottles of beer and wine in it. You can leave the rest of the stock in the fridge or outside if it is cold enough.

Then the snacks .. at one point everyone gets hungry and hungry stomachs, making grumpy, so you better take care of food . Our culinary sister Culy has put together a number of tasty snacks , which you can make yourself. Do not have time to dive into the kitchen ? Then you can also opt for simple ready-to-eat snacks from a caterer - olives, borrelbread, toasts and dips. Do you have a large budget for snacks? Then you can also turn on a caterer.

5. Music during your house party

A party without music is .. no party. Apart from the company, this is perhaps the most important thing of the evening. So make sure you have a nice playlist and good speakers. Do you not have a good sound system yourself? Chances are that one of your friends does.

Is there a musical talent in your group of friends? Ask him or her to have something heard that evening. That makes the evening more special and then you know for sure that everyone will remember the evening months later. Maybe you even know how to get someone to play pictures at your party. Again: do you have a large budget? Then you can of course also think of hiring musicians, bands or DJs.

6. The organization of your party

If you invite a lot of people and do not have such a big house, chances are you have to make room for everyone. We are always in favor of a stand-up party. As soon as everyone starts to sit down, the atmosphere seems to collapse somewhat and especially if you have a nice playlist, you do not really want people to sit down, do you? After all, it is a party and dancing is allowed. For example, slide the dining table aside and use it as a bar. Temporarily put the dining room chairs in another room. You do not have to move the couch and armchairs; a few seats are okay.

Also make sure that everyone can lose their coat somewhere. You do not want them in the party room, but your coat rack is probably not big enough either. Do you have such a handy clothes rack ? Get your own clothes off and install this rack with hangers in the hall so that everyone can hang their coat on entry.

Golden Venues
Golden Venues

7. The neighbors

Do you have a good music system? Fine, but your neighbors will probably be less happy about it. That is of course no reason not to let the party go, but it is so social to inform them about this. Do this well in advance (at least two weeks) so that your neighbors can take this into account.

Maybe they wanted a night out or a weekend away! Then this is immediately a good time for them to take that decision. Therefore, inform the neighbors with a note in the mailbox and immediately mention how late you think the party is going to last and just invite them! The more souls the more joy, right?

8. The day after

You may not want to think about it for a while, but it is useful to remember that the next morning you are in the house with a mess (and a hangover). Depending on your budget you can opt for a cleaner, who cleans everything the next morning, but of course you can also patch everything yourself. In this article we help you to clear up the gang.

So, now you know what you have to take into account when you organize a house party. But we have not mentioned the most important thing yet. You are the hostess and that is quite a big role. So check what you need to know as a hostess and then it will be all right that night!

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