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Golden Superfood Bliss - Healthy beans with a long history

Cocoa beans have a much longer history than most people believe and can be traced back to ancient texts where they were used in medical and cooking ceremonies. Archaeological excavations have been carried out to extract whole cocoa beans and tubs, presumably used to drink cocoa, found in Belize between 600 and 400 BC. For some civilizations, this meant an important bean tablet because it was used as a currency.

This bean is found on a tree up to 15-26 feet tall and is a botanical part of the evergreen family Sterculiaceae and home to tropical regions. The cinnamon beans grown on these trees are used to make cocoa and chocolate.

What is known today about cocoa beans which were not known in previous civilizations and which were used for medicinal purposes and as editors have health benefits. Today, important health nutrients such as magnesium, iron, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamin C and omega fatty acids are known.

Chocolate lovers are unaware that one of their health benefits is that it acts as an antidepressant and reduces heart attack and stroke. A consumer of chocolate will learn what the satisfying taste of this cocoa blend is.

Studies have shown that this is the most nutrient-rich food, and although other foods are still up for debate, what if vitamins, antioxidants and healthy omega fatty acids provide chocolate with a good health seal?

Cocoa is associated with a number of different health problems such as skin problems, weight loss, breathing problems and many other health problems. The health benefits of consuming Golden Superfood Bliss protect cells from the harmful effects that free radicals can cause. There is also evidence that it is a brain food as it has properties such as serotonin, dopamine, ananamide, tetopan, PEA and MAO inhibitors. These qualities increase spiritual awareness. Among these reasons, many researchers believe this is a better food because these beans contain about 500 times more antioxidants than blueberries. There are other chemical compounds, including sulfur, a mineral used by the body to promote healthy nails and hair, and another substance used by the body to remove toxins from the liver.

Chocolate lovers know they feel better when they eat it. It is unclear what the reason is, as cocoa beans contain nutrients such as magnesium, pineapple, and vinyl tyramine that help balance the human brain. These chemicals are known to promote feelings of happiness in the brain, so in case of depression, cocoa bean products are worth using, even if most people don't notice, love the taste of Huh.

I know the next question is: what could chocolate be for you? Well, obviously, not all chocolates look good on you. In fact, a wide variety of chocolates are readily available to consumers and probably not very good for you. However, the raw variety is noteworthy and careful research is conducted as it has quickly become one of the most effective superfoods in the world and needs to make its way into the dining room and menu of the day very quickly.

Raw cocoa began its trade journey for the first time with the Inca, Aztec and Maya civilizations in a thousand years. These civilizations originally used cocoa beans for millennia for medicinal and therapeutic effects. Unsurprisingly, the humble cocoa bean is considered one of the most complex nutrients on Earth and contains more than 300 identifiable compounds.

Unfortunately, many of the therapeutic compounds in Goldencfood Bliss are completely destroyed by the heat of cooking, so the chocolate delivered to supermarket shelves is made up of milk fat and hydrogenated and synthetic flavors from ugly candy. . Not many are dressed for prom. Therefore, instead of showing the beneficial effects of each chamomile, it has very low nutritional value (if any).

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Health benefits of golden milk

Golden Milk is made with turmeric paste.

The main ingredient in the pasta is a spice called turmeric. This spice contains a polyphenol called curcumin, which has antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric has been studied a lot. Its main benefits appear to be its ability to reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels. It has been shown to be very useful for people with metabolic syndrome.

These are all ingredients that can be combined and treated in the form of a mucilage and benefit from the salute.

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