Golden Gate Roundnet League

Golden Gate Roundnet League is the first and only Spikeball-sanctioned roundnet league in the San Francisco Bay Area. Every year teams from around the area compete to be crowned the champion of San Francisco roundnet. Through an 8-week season and post-season tournament each Spring and Fall, one team will be crowned San Francisco's best roundnet team. Join San Francisco's Spikeball Certified roundnet community and league today!

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Last season's champions:

Connor Francis and Jack Pfeiffer (i.e. Galdino Bravo)

Runner up: Tim Cavanaro and Preston Pallante (Aiden Potts subbed in)

Pickup games every Wednesday night at Raymond Kimbell Field.

Games from 7pm to 10pm.

All skill levels welcome

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How Golden Gate Roundnet League will work:

  • Registration is $40 per team. Please sign up through this form.
  • The season lasts 8 weeks plus a post-season tournament on a Saturday following the season.
  • Games are played every Wednesday Night at 7pm at Raymond Kimbell Field.
  • Teams will consist of two players. Substitutions will be handled as needed.
    • Substitutes do not need to be named at the beginning of the season. Instead name subs as the need arises.
    • Only 1 sub can be used in a given match, meaning at least one of the main team members must participate.
    • One sub can participate in the post-season tournament but must play the entire tournament (i.e. no substituting between matches; the same two players must play the entire tournament).
    • Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis for major injuries or serious reasons only as determined by the commissioner.
  • Teams will be scheduled to play 1 match per week during league meet-up on Wednesday evenings.
  • Matches will be played as a best of three series. Games are all played to 21, win by 2, with no cap above 21. When a team reaches 2 wins the match is over and remaining games are nullified.
  • Points will be awarded as follows: 2 points for winning the series, plus 1 point for each individual game won in the series.
    • Ex: Team A vs Team B: Team A wins the series 3-1. Team A is awarded 5 points (2 for series + 4 for games). Team B is awarded 1 point.
  • Every team will qualify for the post-season tournament.
  • Teams will be ranked in the tournament based on season standings.
  • Teams and players will be awarded medals and other prizes from sponsors at the end of the season.
  • Game play will follow all SRA tournament rules.