Gold Cash Flow System


A) List of TOP 10 names and numbers

Determine who are the TOP 10 persons you know who this would be a good fit for (Example: Great Communicators, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Small Business Owners, Tax Professionals, Network Marketing Professionals etc). Share this TOP 10 list with your senior affiliate/accountability partner.

Note: Be sure to send each name in a separate text (10 names = 10 text messages) and include a phone number, a brief phrase on how you know the person, and their profession. Please send using "WhatsApp" or via cell phone text. (Preferably WhatsApp)

Very Important: DO NOT say anything to those persons on the list. Your senior affiliate will contact the persons on your list and share the relevant information with them while you get educated on the Gold Cash Flow System.

Click the link below to see what your senior affiliate will say to the referrals:

Script #2 For Calling Referrals

B) Download so you can be added to the Gold Cash Flow System Social Media Community. Ask how.

C) Go to "Login" On the DashBoard Review Step 1 thru 5. Do not place a product order until you consult with your senior accountabilty partner.

D) Listen to this "Gold Cash Flow System Overview Recording" then call your senior accountability partner to put together a strategy for your success. Teach others to duplicate.

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