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What's the difference between the K-Exchange and K-Merchant platforms? They are both targeting merchants.

The K-Exchange Platform includes a web-based advertising portal and also allows merchants to provide goods, services and even fiat in exchange for physical or digital cashgold (UNV). These merchants can also perform the transactions using the KaratPay application.

The K-Merchant platform is a point of sales system allowing merchants to receive payment for goods and services with cryptocurrency, particularly BTC, ETH and KBC. K-Merchant does not include gold (UNV) at this time.

NB the K-Exchange platform is soon to be merged/replaced with that of the K-Merchant Platform

My K-Exchange registration keeps getting rejected due to 'Address Not Found' although I know my address is valid.

Our K-Exchange registration page used the Standard Google Maps embedded to find businesses. The main reason for this is that we want to make sure that registrants are going to put accurate and reliable addresses that can be easily found by any customer with a use of the plain Standard Google Maps. Please note that this is in the interest of the business owners who will be easily located by their customers.

In the event their location is not registered in Google Maps, for the purposes of registration of their business in the K-Exchange we recommend that these affiliates register their business address in Google Maps directly. Following this this process, if an address is not found, it means that their location is not registered and Google Maps offers the option to add that address - there is a link “add a missing place” which allows to easily register their actual address location.

For this reason, many business owners that have their shop or place of business located at an address not registered in Google Maps proceed to proactively register their business name and address in Google Maps first before registering on the K-Exchange Centre.