Gold Product FAQs

The Product - Gold

Q: WHAT Does LBMA stand for?

A: London Bullion Market Association. For more information, please view the website listed below.

Q: Is the gold you purchase sent directly to you after purchase or do you have to clarify that you want it stored?

A: Every customer/affiliate of Karatbars is able to maintain, direct and manage their own account. With every purchase of classic card products, you select whether you want to store the gold or have it shipped for delivery. Purchases of specialty products (collector cards, card cases, etc) and packages are automatically shipped.

Q: Is the gold saved in a separate account apart from the cash that would be used off of the Master Card?

A: Absolutely! The MasterCard is a convenient way for Karatbars to pay commissions to the affiliate. One can use your Karatbars debit card anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted and it is a very easy means of converting cash into gold if one chooses. The gold itself can be delivered or held in our private vaults in Germany .

Q: Is the gold insured? Is there a written contract that states who has it and is it obtainable without a lot of trouble?

A: Yes, there is an insurance policy that covers the gold held in the vault. Anytime the client wishes to take delivery, an order may be submitted from their back office under the My Gold tab "Delivery Request". The gold is also insured throughout the delivery process. The insurance is valid until you sign that you have received your gold and have it in hand.