Compensation FAQs


How and when am I paid?

Log into or and review the "Your Account" section of the dashboard. You will get the following data on payment status

  • Pending Unilevel Payout: Unilevel calculations are ran on the 11th of each month to determine Unilevel rank and commission level. The final calculations will be posted in the Account Area on the 11th of each month. The Pending UniLevel bonus pays out on 1st business day of each month onto the Karatbars Debit Card. Eg: Monthly Commission Run for period Feb 11th - Mar 11th pays out on April 1st.
  • Pending Dual Payout: The total amount of dual team commissions earned during the previous week. The time period from the previous weeks activity, from Saturday to Friday midnight CET (Germany). At the time of payment, the dual team commissions will be transferred to the Karatbars debit card (each Friday) and this field will be updated with the commission amount in the "Dual Commissions this Week" field.
  • Dual Commissions This Week: The amount of dual team commissions earned since last payout, calculated in real time. These commissions will accrue until the current weeks payout on Friday midnight CET ( Germany). At the weeks close of business, the total commissions from the "Dual Commissions This Week" field will move up to the Pending Dual Payout field to be paid out the following Friday on the Karatbars debit card. The "Dual Commissions This Week" field will then be reset to zero to capture earnings in the upcoming week.

What happens if I don't have a MasterCard? How will I get paid?

All pending payouts will accumulate in a persons's account until their MasterCard is obtained and activated. At which time, the funds will be transferred at the next scheduled payout. It is possible to order a MasterCard from the accumulated earnings.

What are the tax implications on earnings received?

Every affiliate is considered an Independent Contractor. The filing of taxes and declaration of income in any country is an individual responsibility of the citizens of that country. As such each individual should adhere to their country's relevant tax guidelines & requirements. All questions of this manner should be referred to a trusted specialist who is familiar with the laws of the country in which you reside. That being said, all evidences of commission payouts received are available in PDF format under the "Commissions" Tab in the back office. Unilevel Commission statements are found under "Commissions Settlement" and Dual Team Commission statements are found under "Dual Team Settlement".