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From Cashgold to Karatbit

Royal Gold Group tutorial on use of the Karatbit Exchange

by Carlos Gonzales

Crypto-School Ep0

How to activate subtitles for the three languages available for the Crypto-Schools episodes: English, German, Spanish

Ep1 - Meet Karatbit

In this Episode you'll learn about how to sign up on KaratBit.com

with Ovidiu Thoma

Ep2 - 2FA

Learn about the "2-Factor-Authentication" on KaratBit.com after your registration

with Ovidiu Thoma

Ep3 - The Karatbit Dashboard

An overview of the dashboard on KaratBit.com

with Ovidiu Thoma

Ep4 - Placing an Order

How to place an order on Karatbit.com

with Ovidiu Thoma

Ep5 - Claiming Bonus

How to claim the KBC Bonus on Karatbit.com (for those who bought KBC during ICO)

with Ovidiu Thoma

Ep6 - Crypto School

How to use the new e-mail receipt security feature on Karatbit

Ep7 - Crypto School

How to renew your 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA) on Karatbit

Ep8 - Crypto School

How to exchange 100 KBC to CashGold