K1 Impulse Phone

K1 IMpulse Trailer

Privacy is the new order! Discover our unique and first voice-over-blockchain-protocol (VOBP) smartphone

What Is IMpulse pt1

An overview of the concept of the new IMpulse K1 phone

What Is IMpulse pt2

Overview of the security and privacy of the new IMpulse K1 phone

K1 IMpulse Official Reveal!

Official Launch of the K1 IMPulse phone in Dubai on 20 Mar 2019

by Karatbars CTO Ovidio Toma

K1 IMpulse Commercial

Some applications of Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP) and dedicated private key storage.

K1 IMPulse Trailer

Trailer for the IMpulse K1-Phone published on 8 May 2019

IMPulse K1 Production

K1 IMPulse phone manufacturing production line assembly

K1 IMPulse Phone Overview

Overview of the features and functionality of the K1 IMPulse Phone by Nitsa Nakos

K1 IMPulse Review

Review of phone in addition to comparison with Iphone, Samsung