K-Merchant Intro

Introduction to the features of the K_Merchant System

K-Merchant System Launch

Launch of the K-Merchant Payment System in Dubai on 30 Mar 2019

How to use K-Merchant

Walkthrough of the K-Merchant System

Ep 0 - Registration

Learn about the Registration process.

Ep 1 - The Dashboard

Learn about the Dashboard of the K-Merchant Interface.

Ep 2 - Shops and POS Devices

Learn about Shops and POS Devices of the K-Merchant network.

Ep 3 - KYC

The KYC process within K-Merchant.

Ep 4 - Virtual Terminal - POS Settings

Learn about the Virtual Terminal - POS Settings

Ep 5 - Virtual Terminal - POS Usage

Learn how the POS is used for customers to pay for goods/servoces

Ep 6 - Transactions

Learn how to review payment transactions made on K-Merchant

Ep 7 - Payment Link

How to generate payment links to send to customers for online payment

Ep 8 - Finance System

Configure crypto/bank accounts for withdrawal from K-Merchant