st ep 7



  • Positive mixing VIBE/ATTITUDE
  • Music
  • Drink
  • Snack Food (Optional)
  • General Mixer/Network 15 to 30 minutes

FORM Testimonials

  • F - amily
  • O -ccupation
  • R-ecreation
  • M -oney

Talk about during Main Group Gathering, might have to break off into smaller separate groups because of the number of people

Note: Video/Audio tape these testimonies with permission of course so they can be uploaded into the various Whats App groups.

Have 2 or 3 people give their 3 minute Testimony

a) How did you hear about the Gold Cash Flow System Movement?

Example: (Name of Friend) asked me “Have you heard about/seen the new CashGold, yet?”. Then showed me a 0.1 gram CashGold and asked me "If i share a 3 minute video with you via text would you watch it?

b) Give the EMOTIONAL REASON WHY you decided to move forward with Karatbars.

Example: You want to stay home and raise your children, you want to travel the world, you want financial freedom and independence

The Person leading out during the meeting will give their testimony and talk about:

  1. The system www.GoldCashFlowSystem.Com

2. Securing a FREE account which can be found at

3. Promote becoming apart of the Gold Cash Flow Leaders With Vision Whats App Community.

The Main Goal of the Event is to HAVE FUN and Promote the next Event!

Package, gold and crypto orders will be made at another time.

NOTE: When it comes to drinks and/or food at the Hotel/Restaurant notify the person waiting on your table(s) ahead of time that everyone is responsible for their own bill before people start to arrive. People can go to the bar and order their own drinks.

Be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos at the event and post in your respective Whats App rooms.


Webinars and Conference Calls:

Make sure you go to and acquire a free accout.

Go Step 8: Advanced Training