6. Testimonials

International Team Leaders

Michael Delcoe

Former Mortgage Banker. Wells Fargo

Nitsa Nakos

Synergy Gold Group, Canada

Tammy Morrison

Why she resigned from Corporate America

International Affiliates


"Karatbars is where it's at!"

Dr. Debi Thomas

Doctor and Former US Figure Skating Olympic Champion

Jordan, Middle East

Escaped Syrian war, struggled financially and found a solution

16 Testimonials

Karatbars continues to make a difference for people from all walks of life

Flight Attendent

"I am able to control my future"


"I did not join to make money, I joined to save money ... for my children!"

Greetings from Ato

Played at World Tour Event opening at the Radisson Trinidad, August 25th 2018

Got Silver Package

Michael Amann receives his Karatbars Silver package via FedEx on 16th Oct 2013

Gold Deposit in Karat Coin Bank