3. Three-Way Calling Scripts


Incorporating The 4 Personality Types:

a) Urchin: Analytical - Desires facts, figures oriented

b) Whale: Loves helping others, Caring, Benevolent

c) Dolphin: Fun loving, Swims with anything in the water

d) Shark: Money motivated...smells blood; can I make money in this?


On the second conversation with your prospect/new affiliate, put them on a 3-way call with one of your senior business partners and follow the script below.

(Prospects first name), I want you to meet my senior business partner Mr/Ms (name), he/she told me that when I get a quality person like yourself on the phone, he/she would MAKE SOME TIME to meet with you.


So, (Prospects first name) I have on line Mr./Ms.(name), he/she is one of the most

successful executives in our business and he/she is one of the leaders in the expansion of our company on a national/global scale.

  • (Senior Partner) has a great knowledge about this industry as well as this business (Takes care of urchin)
  • He/she is a fun loving person (Dolphin) and has a big heart for helping people & I have personally experienced that first hand (Whale)
  • He/she is truly enjoying the benefits financially that this company offers (Shark)


So , (Prospects 1st name), this is Mr/Ms (Senior Business Partner's Last Name)

and Mr/Ms (Senior Business Partner's last name) this is (Prospect's 1st name)


Once the intro is made, you just listen & learn. Only speak if the senior partner requests it. He/she will edify you & then speak with your prospect on your behalf

If the Senior Partner gets an objection when speaking to someone incorporate the Feel, Felt, Found Method & appeal to their personality type.

Example: I know how you feel, I felt the same way but this is what I found.

The senior partner will find out the prospect's/affiliate's REASON/WHY they are interested in participating in the Karatbars International business and take him/her through the enrolment process.

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Affiliate will have the new prospect on the phone then Bring the Senior Partner on the call via a 3 way call.

Affiliate will Use the 3 way calling script to edify your senior partner

Senior partner will edify the affiliate that brought prospect on the call. Touching on affiliates Urchin, Whale, Dolphin and Shark qualities

Senior Partner will ask the prospect to tell him/her some things about himself/herself from a personal and business side then senior partner will do likewise based on the answers that were given by the prospect.

Ask prospect questions that are interactive example:

F - amily

O - ccupation

R - ecreation

M - oney/Message


You don’t have to ask all the questions, these are examples

1) What do you do?

2) What does that entail?

3) How long have you done it?

4) What did you do before?

5) How are you being affected by what's going on in the economy?

6) How do you like what you're doing?

7) Have you ever thought about doing anything else?

8) Are you familiar with network marketing?

If person says YES he/she has heard of network marketing.

9) What experience did you have?


a) How long have you been with your company?

b) How many people have you personally enrolled?

c) Wouldn’t you agree that the network marketing business is about simplicity and duplication?

d) How many people are on your team?

e) How much sales volume did your group do last month? What about this month?

f) Pause and see if their voice and body language indicate that they have an open mind.


Example of DEEP Questions to ask prospect to discover their REASON/WHY for wanting what they want.

  • If time or money were not an issue how would you describe your ideal lifestyle?
  • If you only had 6 months to live what would you put on your bucket list? How do you know that you don't have 6 months to live?
  • WHAT do YOU want out of LIFE?
  • Are you really making serious progress towards your DREAM LIFE – or do you ever feel that you are sleep walking through life?
  • Do you feel your life is a movie worth watching?
  • Your Specific Goals Financial, Mental, Spiritual, Physical etc. Example: Retire early, travel, college fund for children/grandchildren, car, legacy wealth, contribute to charity, time, money I don't know only you know what that is.
  • WHEN do you want to achieve your life goals? Have you Written it down on paper. 30 day goals, 90 day goals, 180 day goals 1year, 2 years, 5 yrs, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years.
  • WHY do you want it? Motivation behind the goal.


1) Protect Wealth

2) Multiply Wealth

The wealth we are speaking about can be Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Financial etc.

  • WHAT are you willing to DO to acquire what you want?
  • What's your time worth?

I'd like for you to imagine this... If someone gave you 1 acre of land and told you that there is $1 Million worth of 24 Karat (1 gram) 999.9 pure gold bullion buried there and it's ALL yours if you find it.

  • Would you be willing to look?
  • Why? Why not?
  • How much time are you going to commit?
  • What type of equipment are you going to use?
  • Are you going to take other people to help you?


  • Do you think a $100 Bill is going to buy as much in 2 years as it does today?
  • Would you rather have your savings backed by government insurance or real gold?
  • If the company you work for asked you if you wanted to be paid in cash, GOLD or a combination of both, what would your answer be?
  • Why do you think there are so many GOLD to CASH stores all over the world? Profitable?
  • Are you getting paid what you are worth?
  • Are you an opportunist?
  • Do you or any other business minded people that you know of still keep your passive residual income options open outside of what you are doing professionally?

In your story tell about your problem then how you found a solution to the problem.

Briefly explain the Gold Cash Flow SYSTEM to attract people of FAITH that WORKS so we can LIME!


Your success story!

  • S -ave
  • Y- ourself
  • S -tress
  • T-ime
  • E- ffort
  • M- oney

F -ollow simple instructions

A - ccess to a network

I - nfluece in network

T- ruly want to reach your goals

H - elp others reach their goals


O- vercome

R - egularly

K - nowing

S - uccess

R - evealing

E - mpowering

S - olutions

U - nderstanding that "I AM"

L - everaging

T - rue

S - uccess

L - iving

I -n

M - omentum

E -very day


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  • Getting a Golden Ticket (to the next major local or corporate event)
  • Added to our community "Whats App"
  • Come out to the next LIME!

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